Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Who Cares What Women Think?

Not the "manosphere", that's for darn sure!  I mean, do I have to spell it out for you?  "MAN-o-sphere." 

I so wish, like Matt Forney, I could learn to disregard the opinions of people for whom I have no respect.  (Even if, as in this case, that group constitutes 52% of the population.)  I'd definitely be happier and probably a lot more productive.

On the other hand... For a fellow who considers females' opinions of no consequence whatsoever, Matt F. sure does spend a lot of time tracking down any negative reactions to his opinions.  And then declaring those who dare mock him to be his "enemy" and compiling dossiers on them.  And then plotting revenge, pronouncing his sentence, and meting out his own special version of Wild West justice.

For a guy who proudly proclaims himself "the most hated man on the Internet" and who churns out bestsellers like Trolling For A Living, Matt Forney is shockingly thin-skinned.

In the same post, he re-publishes his own tweets explaining whose opinions do matter:

Matthew Forney @realmattforney
The manosphere is for MEN, young men in particular. The opinions of everyone else are irrelevant.

Unfortunately, this particular tweet didn't go down too well with one of his readers, some old geezer who positions himself as a kind of General in the War On Women:

"Ultimately, it’s the old guys who have the political connections and money who hire the young men and provide resources to make things happen. Don’t ignore the old guys. If daddy ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy."

And then of course our favorite ray of "Christian" sunshine jumps in, to blather on about the gender norming of IQ tests, like anyone there gives a hoot that she "administers them as a part of my job" (that is, when she isn't crashing the boys' parties).  

Oh Mary, dear Mary, can't you read?  Even Red Pill girls haz got cooties!


  1. Well, you've got Roosh treating his forum members with the same contempt he shows women. Forney is treating older men with the same contempt that he has for women. Ohhhh, but the men in the sphere are going to train their boys up with dark triad traits. That'll show the wimminz. Funny how they think that will only end up applying to women. And slutty feminists at that.

    I used to roll my eyes at the pompousness of the Christian crowd. The pua's were doing the Lord's work, doncha know. Only seducing the sluts. Until one of Roosh's writer wrote about seducing one of the "cream of the crop 1 percenter Christian girls " out there. A virgin to boot. And how Christian men weren't man enough. Needless to say, there were a few disillusioned member's of the Christian wing of the sphere. But hey, clearing the congregation of older single women (AKA sluts) ought to be worth throwing in a few sacrificial virgins into the deal, no?

    1. In case it's lost on anyone, I'm using the term slut sarcastically. It's a term that;s bandied about in the sphere to the point of absurdity. And anyone over the age of 22 is automatically considered one even in the Christian wing or else a frigid spinster wannabe.

  2. I went and read that post. Curious, the way these lads keep on about Great Male Achievement - and then manifestly fail to achieve much in their own lives.

    1. Those disconnected from passion have to spin their wheels in drama. And it ends up showing in ALL of the drives.

    2. Yes it's basic syllogisms:

      Einstein, Gandhi and Sean Connery, all men, with penises.
      I am also a man, with a penis.

      Therefore I am entitled to share the glory and approbation of men like Einstein, Gandhi and Sean Connery, via our shared penis ownership.

      There is a similar one applied to women:

      Elizabeth Bathory, Rosemary West and Katie Hopkins are all women.
      Women are all the same.
      Therefore all women are like Elizabeth Bathory, Rosemary West and Katie Hopkins.

  3. Cinzia, am enjoying your blog. While Roosh is obviously a jerk, it's the women badgers who use (pick and choose) Scripture to justify their narcissism that turn my stomach. No wonder people get turned off at the very mention of the Lord's Name, let alone His sovereignty. Cinzia, have a beautiful day

    1. Sue, I am so happy to see your comment here. I would like to see a true Christian perspective on the whole "manosphere" phenomenon. How did you find me? Do you have a blog I can link to?


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