Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Heartening Post by Pharyngula

This story on PZ Myer's blog today, about an Indian man who invented a way to make disposable sanitary napkins affordable to poor women, is truly inspiring.  I totally love that he recognized what a struggle maintaining menstrual hygiene was for the women in his village. 

We take disposable tampons and napkins for granted, but in fact they're a fairly recent development.  I remember my grandmother describing how the women in her family had a special bucket in which to soak blood-stained rags in preparation for Wash Day.  It was hidden in a dark corner of the basement, a shameful and disgusting receptacle, vigilantly kept from the eyes of children and menfolk.


  1. Some faith in humanity restored. It's nice or hear this stuff when you're steeped in the dork enlightenment (which the manosphere is part of.) from this stuff it's like, yes, setbacks and tragedy, but maybe humans are moving forward overall. Not like this, which makes me want to never bring kids into this world if this is the future:

    Honestly through all the fancy language, the dork enlightenment is basically 'the world will be better off if I was the king.' Too bad he'd probably be the kings shit shoveler instead, though.

  2. It was a beautiful story, and it's nice the task has gotten so much better.

  3. A really heartening story, what a lovely guy. I hope his wife went back in the end.

    I've wondered before now if tampons and sanitary towels should be given out free on the NHS as condoms and birth control pills are. It's not like these are luxury items.

  4. Are you still pursuing random sex off craigslist?

    1. Are you still hoping to keep Forney's hatchet job from losing momentum by posting random comments here?

  5. No, I'm a retired Elderslut. Why do you ask?

  6. He asks because he's "gone his own way" and consequently needs wank material.

  7. Someone needs to make a mgtow meme. 'Is going his own way from women.' 'Is unhealthily obsessed with women.'

    Mgtow=sad sacks with revenge fantasies. No bad no one a actually cares that they're going their own way, and therefore their revenge fantasies remain just that, a fantasy.


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