Monday, March 3, 2014

This Is A Bit Rich!

Roosh, in response to criticism from his forum members for "trolling" them, lectures:

Emotionally secure people are not harmed by others perspectives, genuine or trolling. … If you feel like you are being trolled or become angry at something you read online, see if there is a way you can learn from the experience and be grateful for it.



  1. Because Roosh's readership certainly isn't made up mostly of emotionally insecure men...

  2. This little debacle serves to illustrate just how emotionally insecure most of these guys really are. The need to dominate women doubtless stems from the feelings of powerless most of these men experience in their day to day lives. I actually think a lot of them were disappointed Doosh wasn't actually in jail. Had he been, it would've been their big chance to be part of a genuine piece of real life drama. Few of them expressed any relief on his behalf.


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