Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy International Earth Day!

Would it surprise you to discover "neo-reactionaries" generally dismiss "climate cultists" who warn us of the effects of global warming? 

Well, some of them can't quite bring themselves to deny the science, but they do reject "The Cathedral" that "politicizes" it.  In other words, get ready for the consequences of global warming, but do so because YOU want to, not to make some dumb environmentalists happy!

Meanwhile, enjoy this jolly little sculpture on display in Berlin:

"Politicians Discussing Global Warming" Sculpture by Isaac Cordal.

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  1. Would it surprise you to discover "neo-reactionaries" generally dismiss "climate cultists" who warn us of the effects of global warming?

    No, it wouldn't surprise me in the least, given what veritable embodiments of crank magnetism these folk are (the Dark Enlightenment really is an apt name for their nonsense, given how they seem to want to take us all back to the Dark Ages).

    I'm both amused and bemused by the neo-reactionaries' ceaseless conspiratorial mutterings about "the Cathedral" (which is also behind the current turmoil in Ukraine, just in case you didn't know); as best as I can tell, it's simply their name for everyone who doesn't subscribe to their bullshit philosophy. In any case, it's a rather ironic name for them to bestow upon their enemies, given how many of them seem to be hardcore old school Catholics.

    As for global warming denialism, that seems to have become as reliable an indicator of crankdom as things like creationism and geocentrism, given all the evidence that's been amassed against it. Sadly, we have quite a few "climate change skeptics" down here in Australia, one a wanker called Andrew Bolt (who's given a regular platform from which to spout his drivel in many of our daily newspapers), another (bizarrely enough) a scientist called Ian Plimer, who was once renowned for being a vocal critic of creationism! Oh well, at least the global warming denialists don't threaten those who oppose their views with eternal torture at the hands of a "loving" God, yet!


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