Wednesday, March 26, 2014

MRA Drinking Game

Seriously, let's do this.  Give me your ideas and I'll post them.

OK, I'll start:  Every time a dude describes himself as "an alpha male" = 1 shot of tequila.


  1. A shot of whisky every time someone writes 'Women don't understand logic/reason/math/morality'.

    Two shots if it's a woman posting it.

  2. OMG – this could be endless! The Manosphere has a large "playlist!"

    "Men are the gatekeepers of commitment; women are the gatekeepers of sex" or ""'A key that can open many locks is called a master key, but a lock that can be opened by many keys is a shitty lock." (this, of course, explains and defends the double standard) = a sip of your favorite Sex and the City cocktail

    1. Hell, have a sip of your favorite Sex and the City cocktail every time they hold Sex and the City up as an example of how "spoiled, entitled Western princesses" behave!

  3. Well, ironically enough, I'm actually a bit tipsy now myself, but I'll see what I'm able to come up with in my current rather befuddled state. Here goes...

    Take a mouthful, shot etc of your poison of choice whenever you see an MRA (or Manospherean in general) doing any of the following:
    *Seeing every misfortune in his life as clear evidence of "misandry" at work
    *Claiming not to hate women while engaging in some big, unhinged rant about "sluts", "bitches", "whores" and/or "cunts"
    *Extolling the virtues of the "paleo diet" - take an additional shot if the Manospherean in question is a Christian fundamentalist who doesn't believe Paleolithic humans even existed
    *Claiming to have taken the "red pill"
    *Whining about "shaming language" then calling someone a mangina, slut, bitch etc
    *Claiming that only men are capable of arguing logically and unemotionally then revealing that his idea of a logical and unemotional argument is screaming, "SHUT UP STUPID BITCH!"
    *Saying that "the patriarchy hurts men too", then arguing that all of society's problems would be solved if only we went back to it
    *Claiming that rigid gender roles hurt boys and men as much as they do girls and women, then whining about society "feminizing" boys and men
    *Claiming that men and women are different in every conceivable respect, then arguing that women commit violent crimes at exactly the same rate as men
    *Engaging in long, bizarre rants about "Churchianity" (basically, any form of Christianity that doesn't treat women as chattel)
    *Claiming to "do whatever the fuck he wants", "live by his own rules", "not give a shit what anyone else thinks of him" etc while talking and acting like a member of a religious cult
    *Claiming not to put "pussy on a pedastal" then spending his every waking moment trying to get it, with all the terrible singlemindedness of a junkie trying to score their next fix
    *Claiming that women are shallow, fickle and stupid, then saying that a man's sole worth depends on what those same shallow, fickle and stupid creatures think of him (Roissy's worldview in a nutshell)
    *Claiming PUA "game" is all about "teaching men how to be men again" while idolizing such embodiments of rugged, old school masculinity as Mystery and Neil Strauss
    *Whining that in every conflict between a man and a woman, society always takes the woman's side, then saying that if a couple are having problems, it's always the man's fault for not having tight enough "game"
    *Acting as though "game" is a fucking super power
    *Blithering on about "cultural Marxism"
    *Using the phrase "rationalization hamster" with a straight face
    *Whining about "Western women" in general and "American women" in particular
    *Regarding Vox Day as the greatest thinker since Socrates (rather than the embodiment of crank magnetism he is)
    *Claiming to be "living the dream" (ie "banging hot chicks", running his own highly successful business etc) while spending his every waking minute engaging in angry, bitter rants on the Internet

    And that should do for now. Hey, that's not bad!

  4. If you get called a mangina == pound a Pink Squirrel
    White knight == two shots of white chocolate liqueur
    Biotruth! == Drink a glass of biodynamically grown wine
    Racist babble about submissive Asian women == shot of Tanqueray Rangpur

    1. You guys have more exotic liquor cabinets than I do.

    2. Racist babble about submissive Asian women == shot of Tanqueray Rangpur

      The same whenever one says, "I'm not a racist; I'm a race realist."

    3. Careful, if you say that two more times Steve Sailer will appear.

  5. Feminine Imperative - a shot of Baileys

    Alpha fucks/beta bucks - cheap red wine (to represent the rip off implied)

    1. Hey don't go knocking perfectly decent plonk. None of my soirees would be complete without laying in a few cases of "three buck chuck" from Trader Joe's!

      Mmm, Baileys... If they could design a low-cal version of that, my life would be just about perfect.

  6. The phrases / words:

    Frivorce for cash and prizes
    Cock carousel and hypergamy or evopsych
    Man up and marry those sluts / no rings for sluts (this all ties in with the evil single mothers destroying civilization)
    Cupcake (used as a putdown for females that invade the mano' sites)
    80/20 (this means 80% of the women are pursuing only 20% of the men -- the remaining 60 go without - pussy of course!)
    Fat acceptance (because men are being FORCED to find big women attractive and FORCED to wife them up!)

    Just take a shot of MD 20/20 and froth at the mouth, just like your favorite mano' blogger.

  7. A shot for every time someone complains about women owning too many cats.

    A shot for every time someone complains about women cutting their hair short.

    A shot for every time someone complains about women ruining marriage.

  8. Ukranian / Russian / Eastern European women are beautiful and feminine and eager to get with western men, unlike fat bitchy feminist American women = one shot vodka (duh)

    Women over thirty have hit the wall with their dried-up eggs and mummified ovaries; men are naturally attracted to teenage girls because FERTILITY! = one shot 18-year old single malt scotch

    Rape charges are usually false; women lie about rape because they regret the sex or want to get revenge on being dumped = one shot Everclear (190 proof!)

    This is fun!

    1. These are all very good. Sadly, no Everclear on my shelf, but I'm prepared with enough vodka and single malt scotch to get through a couple of pages of Return of Kings.

  9. A few more:
    *Refers to the Men's Rights Movement as the Men's Human Rights Movement, and insists, moreover, that it's the most important, most crucial, most vital human rights movement EVAH!
    *Insists that the straight, white, cisgender, Christian male is the most oppressed individual ever to exist on the face of the Earth.
    *Considers the likes of Christina Hoff Sommers, Erin Pizzey and Camille Paglia "true" feminists.

  10. Any reference that suggests Andrea Dworkin and/or Valerie Solanos are required reading for all feminists = 2 mg Risperdal.+ a cup of strong coffee.


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