Sunday, March 16, 2014

White Man's March Follow Up

If you missed the White Man's March yesterday, as I did, you may be comforted to learn it was a bit of a bust. They couldn't even display all those extra signs around the neighborhood: the cops made them take them all down.


  1. I suppose on that Saturday all the other white people were busy living the lives they've somehow managed to carve out despite the insurmountable discrimination shown to them by American society?

    Those signs should read: 'It's someone else's fault our lives suck!'

  2. Snork what a silly comment .

    You anti white whites might want to rethink your thinking .

    1. That I make abhor the principles of white supremacists does not make me "anti" white any more than mocking misogynists makes me "anti" men. And frankly, if you think that way, you're a moron. But thanks for stopping by.


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