Monday, March 17, 2014

But What Would Paul Krugman Say?

The administration has proposed raising the federal minimum wage as a means of stimulating the economy. I happen to live in the state that boasts both the highest minimum wage and the highest job growth in the country. In fact, there is a lot of support in Seattle to push that minimum wage even higher, to $15/hour.  According to Venture Capitalist Nick Hanauer,  "A higher minimum wage is a very simple and elegant solution to the death spiral of falling demand that is the signature feature of our economy." Not to mention just, compassionate, and the all-around Right Thing To Do.

Of course, not everyone is on board.  The Manosphere's own resident economist, Captain Capitalism, proposes an even simpler and more elegant solution:  "I have said before, and I am 100% sincere about this, that if women were to lose weight in America, that would increase economic production... because hot chicks incentive [sic] men...  And men are the primary producers and innovators of society."

Aaron Clarey, is the "super awesome economic genius" behind Captain Capitalism.  His blog represents "some of the finest economic research and philosophy."  He lives in Minneapolis, which he claims is "a leftist shit hole."  I believe he attended community college at some point.


  1. I have a better solution: Free Cupcakes! For the ladies that is, yummy treats are an excellent incentive to be more productive at work. Hell, you could even dangle the cupcakes from treadmills, then it would dovetail with Clarey's idea!

    Seriously though, glad to hear the US minimum wage is going up. Back when the minimum wage was introduced in Britain it resulted in me getting my first pay rise in ten years. If you're going to have a consumer fueled culture, it makes sense to pay people enough money to take part in that. Of course the wisdom of a consumer fueled culture is a more complicated matter....

  2. I've read Cappy's blog and watched some of his videos in the past. If he hates the "leftist shit hole" of Minneapolis so much, what's stopping him from moving to a city in a deep red state, like Alabama, Mississippi, or Oklahoma?
    He also gives some pretty contradictory advice to men and women. He advises young men to eschew college, drop almost completely out of mainstream society, earn less than 20k a year, and never marry or have kids. However, he implores women to stay thin, marry young and start having babies asap, lest they become miserable, barren spinsters. How is that supposed to happen if everyone under 25 starts living according to his "finest research and philosophy?

  3. I live in the "leftist shithole" described by Cappy Minneapolis/St. Paul seems to always be listed in those "10 best" type of lists when the topic is education/overall healthy living/healthy economy, etc. It's a very large area with a variety of neighborhoods and a lot of choices for whatever you're into. So surely Cappy could find his niche? He lived in Wyoming for awhile (very red state as compared to blue state MN) and guess what? He came BACK to live in the same leftist shithole bercause WY is full of "hicks, welfare moms, and meth heads."

    So now Crappy sells his e-books, begs for donations and plugs other manospherian's goods for sale. Can't imagine why some corporate entity hasn't snapped this brilliant mind up and installed him in a penthouse office suite!

    OH, look at the clock! I better start prepping for my protest march at the capitol!

    1. I've only visited Minneapolis twice, but I was favorably impressed. Too bad it's so frickin' cold!!!

    2. We natives don't even mind that so much; nothing like a good long cross-country ski on a beautiful, snowy day in one of our many, many parks. The park and trails system here is one of the best in the country. When Cap'n Crappy refers to this as a "hellhole," it's just laughable. Go visit Detroit, pally!

      I've tried listening to one of his videos and can't make it past 30 seconds; that sneering, whiny voice is so offputting. People here overall tend to have a low tolerance for bullshit and boasting; I believe that may be the source of his problems with this area!

    3. Yeah, I reckon that's how we Seattle natives feel about rain. I grew up camping in the rain, boating in the rain, biking in the rain...


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