Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Femitheist Divine Lives On!

A couple of years ago Paul Elam posted rather hysterically about the suicide of a "radical feminist" who had been advocating, among other drastic measures, the castration of men and the worship of the feminine principle, apparently never pausing to consider that her series of Youtube videos might be a blatant and fairly elaborate hoax.
It's been a couple of years since she was doxxed and then "faked her own suicide", but Femitheist Divine is still producing Youtube videos and until quite recently, was still engaging with MRAs.  And she is still the "feminist" a lot of gullable manosphereans love to hate.

She was very young when she started to troll the Young Misogynists, BTW -- well under 21 at the time.  I'm not sure if her relative youth says more about her precocity or the dearth of creative outlets available to teenagers in rural Arkansas.

Many of the manospheans have finally figured out they are being royally pranked by this naughty Southern Belle, but they're still pissed off.  They know that the world is divided into two groups, The Players and The Played, and, as the last kerfuffle on Return of Kings demonstrates, they don't like finding themselves in the latter category -- no, not one little bit!  

I've only watched bits and pieces of her oeuvre, but my own distinct impression is that Femitheiste Divine is neither "evil" nor "mentally ill" and that she still finds that making fun of the boys of the manosphere can be pretty diverting.


  1. I'd never heard of this young woman, but a google search tells me she's not on Matt Forney's Christmas card list.

  2. Just checked out the clip, I can certainly see why she would strike fear into the heart of any Manospherian, she's clearly an architect for mass destruction and global domination.

  3. I think her middle name is Hilter

    1. Now that's a cryptic remark! Can you elaborate?

    2. Hey, that's my middle name too!

  4. Femitheist is heavily connected to the larger FEMEN network, and she is obviously just a front-woman for the real professionals behind the scenes. Her propaganda videos and scripts are of a far higher quality than any 22 year girl could ever hope to produce. Also, her YT channel is infested with trolls who will quickly silence any opposition. This has NWO psy-op written all over it. Very disturbing to say the least!!

  5. I found her manifesto on the net and though the PDF has been taken down it is still available as a htm cached file.,%202013%29.pdf

    It is full of recommendations clearly designed to push our hot buttons. Men in delightful comfortable concentration camps, programmed selective breeding, children raised in sex segregated education centers by caretakers to spy on adults who are not with the program, destruction of the 'oppressive' nuclear family. The whole thing is obviously preposterous and impossible to implement but that's not the intent. The real purpose is to get a reaction from the more unstable men with deep seated fears about their masculinity. There is just enough truth, such as the clear statistics about predominant male violence to stick the knife even deeper into vulnerable male egos. Perhaps the real intent is to get that 5% of angry male votes that may make or break efforts to roll back laws like roe vs wade and public health care that help women.


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