Saturday, March 15, 2014

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

So I'm meandering through the Mysterious Forest of Twitter (because I will do anything to avoid marking papers) when I stumble across a tweet by a self-styled, Las Vegas-based playboy (whose first name is probably what he is not practicing, and whose last name is pretty much the epitome of posthumous cool).  This particular specimen of machismo has a manosphere blog, too, of course, where he promotes his e-books and classes.  His latest post teaches men "How To Have A Three Way With Strippers."  I didn't read it since I'm not planning a trip to Sin City anytime soon, but I would hazard to guess that it's all a matter of having the right party favors.

I recognized his moniker because he was one of the boys who was outraged by Roosh's little hoax.  But now he's done an about-face, urging his followers to "Treat Roosh right.  I'd take a bullet for him.  Don't fuck with him or fuck with me. And trust me, you don't want to fuck with him."

Now that got my attention, because I reckon I'm somewhere on Roosh's Shit List.  And at least by his standards, I've already "fucked with him" a bit.  

And "take a bullet for him," isn't that a bit... melodramatic?  I mean, under what circumstances might that be necessary?  Is Roosh a masculine lifestyle guru, or a war lord?

What are these guys so afraid of, I wonder?  That they'll be doxxed and their Google-able identities slimed?

Trust me, fellas, it isn't as bad as you fear.

Oops!  Breaking news!  Looks like the Las Vegas playboy has just been doxxed himself!  And not by some nasty feminist either!

Anyway, poor guy, I'm certainly not going to compound his misery here.  After all, we can all agree that doxxing is a terrible thing to do, a cowardly and despicable action, and as a sympathetic compadre pointed out, [tsk-tsk!] just goes to show how some people have way too much time on their hands!
I don't think this is going to help.


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    1. And you shall have them, fair maiden...

  2. I think you mean Muslim Mc King? (The lengths I go to to not help their google searches lol)

    So he isn't real? Or is he? Also was it PUAHate that doxxed him?

    Man, these losers and the fake personas they create...

    1. Affirmative. On both counts. Not that I trust the PH source either. Seriously, I want David to sort this out if he's even remotely interested.

    2. I'm beginning to feel like the Rona Barrett of the manosphere.

    3. Oh I so want Manboobz to take this apart. First Danny504 gets excommunicated by Spawny, now this.

      I checked out the doxxing thread, got to say, despite my desire to give a Nelson style 'Ha Ha!', it is wrong putting ALL his details out there like that, no one needs to know where this poor sod lives, unless it's to point out he doesn't live in Vegas. I don't want this guy's career or personal reputation to suffer, it's just nice to know that Zorastrian McPrincess is nothing more than a big fart of BS who no one should be taking advice from as his exploits are all fantasy.

      That said, this is the guy who in his '10 Slut Commandments' recommended getting your 'slut' to sleep with guys you owe money to as a means of further destroying her sense of self worth. What makes me angry about such garbage is that someone who actually is abusing a partner will get validation from reading stuff like that.

    4. Wow, what is the Fanny206 story? I remember a post by him that made me laugh at either his cluelessness or "hamstering". He was apparently trying to flirt with some waitress and he asks for her number. She says awkwardly that it's "against the policy", he insists, she makes an excuse and goes away, then the manager comes and tells him that it's against the policy of the restaurant (I don't remember if he was told to leave or not). Anyway, in the end he writes this off as he would have probably nailed her if it wasn't for the policy and the jealous manager who was "obviously" watching them from the beginning. Guy's a hoot. I also laughed at his short smug rant about Ellen DeGeneres's alimony payment and the evils of gay marriage in the SqearHeod( having fun with changing name of manosphereans).

    5. Shadow_Nirvana, the guy who runs the ShitHead, wtf, needs some SERIOUS counseling, don't you think? :/

    6. He is quite a weird guy, indeed. In this article R. Tod Kelly depicts him as a moderate:

      But come on. The SwordButt is such a constant rage blog. The guy is angry at everything from trans people to gay marriage, from women who don't marry to women who ever ever dare to get divorced. And his new wife is a self-identified feminist. How is that working out for them?

  3. Did you see it looks like Tuthmosis has been doxxed, or partially doxxed as well?

    1. Couldn't happen to a nicer fellow.

    2. Do you mean the PUAhate thread from earlier this month? Some of the commenters on the PUAhate thread are saying that Roosh's jail hoax was a smoke screen to cover Tuthy's doxxing by them.

      Wow, this is better than The Archers.


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