Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bill Price Retires The Spearhead

Bill Price has announced that he has, at least for now, has retired from maintaining his virulently misogynistic website, The Spearhead. Reason? His wife has had a baby, and he therefore has to seek work beyond begging for donations. 

When Bill's wife popped up in the comments section of We Hunted the Mammoth some months prior, identifying herself as a feminist (!), I wondered how their marriage would play out.

It strikes me that Bill has made a good decision... a decision that is likely to lead to greater happiness for all the parties involved. 


  1. I'm pretty sure that guy bitched me out in like 2009 for being a housewife who was supposedly dodging actual work by pretending round-the-clock childcare was in any way an impediment to making the money roll in. And I had THREE little bitty kids!

    Yeah, ok, I'll get right on that self-employment venture with my COPIOUS spare time and energy and unmolested, quiet personal space.

    (God, those were terrible years. I guess that's why I got sucked into talking to these idiots in the first place. That, and masochism. Sheer masochism)

    1. "(God, those were terrible years. I guess that's why I got sucked into talking to these idiots in the first place. That, and masochism. Sheer masochism)"

      Lol! I'm not laughing at you, anon…I'm laughing because I remember those times too! Little ones at home driving me nuts and I just wanted some actual adult conversation beyond "has junior hit this milestone yet?" "Is he speaking in complete sentences?"

      The internet seemed like salvation, at first. But there are so many morons online.

    2. SO many morons! ha

      However, they did provide me with hours of cheap, easy-to-digest lulzy entertainment during a difficult period, so for that I am grateful.

      I may have been stretchmarked and puffy-eyed, my bras may have smelt of sour breastmilk and my blouses been spotted with liquid yellow poo and spitup. I may not have read any picture-free books in three years and I may have regularly wondered why I'd thrown my career, education, free time and discretionary income away on people who screamed when I put peas on their plate and only slept for 3 hours at a time...

      but compared to those guys I felt like a goddamn genius. :D

  2. Do you happen to remember which post Mrs Price commented on over on WHTM?

    I'm glad Price has decided to prioritize his family's needs. Not like some other anti-feminist types who might go making themselves unemployed so their wives have to cut short their maternity leave.....

    @ Anon and Anon, I hear you. I wonder if I'll bother with the manosphere so much once Snork Junior gets more independent?

    1. I know it happened in mid October 2013 but I don't remember which post. May look later.


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