Sunday, November 30, 2014

Wringing the Last Out of Gamergate

Even Ken White at Popehat had fun with Roosh's new Reaxxian website.

Meanwhile, Mike Cernovich is sore because newsweek did a story this week about Randi Harper and although he is mentioned (unfavorably) the story doesn't link to his websites, but rather to a critical piece by Sam Biddle on the "D List Rightwingers" who hijacked Gamergate and tried to lead them to the Red Pill. This is a big deal to Cernovich because of SEO or something: Newsweek in collusion with Gawker is denying him hits on his blog that are rightfully his.

JuicyFruit is venting his spleen by retweeting photos of his followers' gun collections, whilst complaining (or bragging?) that no SJW had the guts to attend his "meetup" in Chicago, and then making the curious statement that he "has never met an SJW in real life."


  1. The comments under Newsweek's piece are... something. Randi herself participates in the exchange, and it is glaringly apparent how dim, stubborn, and hell-bent on pestering her are her, well, harassers. She makes an observation that "The comments on any post about an anti-harassment tool do nothing but prove the need for the tool's existence," which is 100% correct, but for which she is immediately attacked.

    Wow. Go Randi.

    Magdelyn Clarisse Bordeaux · Top Commenter · Very personal intimate assistant at Corner of Post and Larkin
    You really should attribute/cite the quote you're paraphrasing.
    Reply · · 4 · Yesterday at 12:23pm

    Sean Nugent · Top Commenter
    "Harassment" Something tells me you don't know what that word means.
    Reply · · 10 · Yesterday at 12:31pm

    Tyler Myers · A Operator at Grand Isle Shipyard
    Oh so in your world we can't even comment anymore? ok gotcha
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  2. I'm not even sure what an SJW is? I gather it's anyone with vaguely progressive ideas who criticizes someone for being an ass?

    If it wasn't for the fact some GGers are hurting real people I wouldn't give a stuff about this ongoing debacle. At the end of the day it's all about market forces, if there's a market for games full of testosterone fueled sexist tropes then that's what the gaming companies will continue to produce. If they want to attract a wider consumer base they'll also produce games which cater to people who don't like testosterone fueled sexist gaming tropes.

    I liked the Popehat article, though I'll confess it took me a while to realize it was parody, it sounded too close to the reality.

    1. "testosterone fueled sexist tropes"

      plenty of progesterone fueled sexist tropes out there too

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    3. Have you noticed how dramatically and completely "SJWs" eclipsed "feminists?"

      I'm a bad feminist, and now I'm gonna have to resign myself to being a bad social justice warrior.

    4. I think Harper is really onto something that may be a wave of the future: a way for social media users to reduce noise and distraction while freely networking with people they want / need to communicate with. The people who have been filtered by her program complain because well, yeah, it's probably not a great move professionally to be put on a "black list" because you espouse, or follow people who espouse, blatant racism and sexism.

    5. @ Yohami,

      Sexist tropes in general are tedious and mind-numbing. For example, the slobby goof-ball husband married to the controlling / manipulative hottie should be retired forever. That's the thing about sexism though: it denigrates both genders, simultaneously.

    6. @Cinzia,

      I don't think it's really possible to be a 'bad feminist'; unless you're Christina Hoff Summers that is.

      As for sexist tropes, I LOATHE the 'bumbling husband' trope, and I watch very few sitcoms as a result. I see it a lot in advertising, which doubly annoys me as as well as being condescending it suggests someone believes they can sell me a product by appealing to the prejudices they assume I have.

      With regards to the Twitter blocking app, maybe that is the future of social media, where you should no longer friend or follow people without checking them out first? I've deleted friends off Facebook who constantly espouse views I find repugnant, a friend list should be your friends, right?


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