Saturday, March 22, 2014

Happy White Pride Day (Whenever It Is)

Yesterday (March 21) was White Pride Day, when Americans of European ancestry could come out of their trailers homes with their heads held high and finally say it: Yes, I'm White and I'm Proud!

And I missed the whole thing, although I did spend much of the afternoon performing the Spring Rites of My People, like slathering myself with SPF 100+ sun screen,* rooting around for my Ray Bans for hours before venturing out into the jungle my back yard, and then cursing roundly at my dead lawnmower for twenty minutes before retreating in defeat to my cave living room.

No, White Pride Day would have slipped clean past me had I not decided to check out a new blog for "feminine women" called Return of Queens.  The top stories featured today are "The Most Disgusting Thing You Will Ever See!" [An abscess being lanced? Thanks, I'll take your word for it!], and one with the plaintive headline, "A Day For Whites: Too Much To Ask For One A Year?"  Both stories were penned by "Queen A." (not be confused with Queen Bee).

But hold on a minute!  If White Pride Day is an "international" holiday, why will it be celebrated April 5 in the U.K.?  You'd think that the anglosphere, at least, could coordinate their calendars.  

Ah, according to yet another source, the 15th of every month is "White Pride Day."  (Or, let's face it, every damn day of the year.)  Show solidarity by wearing white clothing. But what if it's after Labor Day?

Never mind your pretty little head, there's a recipe for Green Beans and Red Potatoes at the bottom of the page which the contributor promises "are actually enjoyable to eat, even for kids."  Though the accompanying photo fails to convince me.
* You think I'm kidding? Skin cancer is just one more part of my proud genetic heritage.


  1. Just checked out RoQ, did you notice they've fallen for that Femitheist hoax lady? What surprizes me about Femitheist is she can say all that stuff with a straight face; I guess that's why nitwits like RoQ fall for it. And reading through the comments, they are REALLY falling for it.

    1. LOL, maybe the ladies at RoQ are saying the same thing about me (Can you believe she fell for it?). I mean I am very close to believing RoQ is a hoax too. Except I'm afraid it's not. There is no end to the stupid.

    2. She actually staged a fake "suicide" a few years ago that Forney totally fell for. He wrote a nasty column celebrating her death, and then admitted to being punked when she reappeared. I love it when feminists expose mysoginists for the humorless, authoritarians most of them are.

    3. I sometimes wonder if some of these red pill blogs are hoaxes, but if they were it would still be a massively trollish thing to do, given how offensive most of them are. I have to say, reading the comments about Femitheist, I do wonder what she's trying to achieve? I've heard rumors that she is hated by some feminists for giving the cause a bad name and is considered an agent provocateur for the other side. I doubt it though, she's just a strange girl.


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