Saturday, May 24, 2014

Rejected Incel Finally Has His Way

It seems like a parody: A good looking, articulate UCSB student sitting in his glossy black BMW, announcing plans to "slaughter" the popular blondes who have rejected him because they preferred to bestow their favors on the alpha "bad boy" losers instead of "a perfect guy... a supreme gentleman" like himself.  Except, unfortunately, it is real. Anyone who follows almost any part of the manosphere (he was allegedly an active participant on sites such as and will recognize the cold rage and the overweening sense of entitlement Elliot Rodgers displays as he justifies the murders he is about to commit. Yes, he will be "a god" and they will die "like animals" through this act of "restorative retribution." Too bad he didn't think of starting his own blog instead of buying a gun.  It would probably have been a big hit and then he could have had all the groupies he wanted.


  1. Wow, if I had watched that out of context I would never have believed the boy was serious and not just mouthing off.

    It is actually quite strange no one wanted to go out with him, he's a good looking kid and had plenty of money, all I can imagine is that he must have been truly obnoxious little brat not to have had even one girl respond positively to his advances.

    You're right about the sense of entitlement, he truly seems to believe that he is 'owed' sex with women he finds attractive. And how solipsistic to believe that being a virgin is such an unbearable state of being that it's worth killing and dying over.

    Now I'll just wait for David Futrelle to do a post about some basement dwelling blogger lauding this creep as a martyr.

  2. I watched the first couple of minutes of the video with Mr BC. The same Mr BC who can't stand me spending any time on the manosphere. His reaction: "My God, the guy sounds so entitled. Like he's OWED sex by these girls." And I said: "that's what these creeps literally believe. All of them."

    It was so refreshing to see his shock, though, to be reminded that these manosphere men are aberrations and that other men are repulsed by them too.

    There was a reason this good looking guy was summarily rejected by all the girls he approached. They clearly sensed there was something very "off" about him - and they were right.

  3. Roosh Vorek: "He [Elliott Rodgers] is self-delusional and massively entitled ... A lot of lonely beta males will identify with him."

    Pot, meet kettle.

    1. "He [Elliott Rodgers] is self-delusional and massively entitled ... A lot of lonely beta males will identify with him."

      And this, kids, is called projection.


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