Friday, May 23, 2014

Facebook Justice?

Facebook has banned Matt Forney's fan page and is preventing posting to his personal account.  It wasn't my doing, BTW.  They must have gotten tired of dealing with the avalanche of complaints from young women still outraged about his "self-esteem" post months ago. 

And he's promising to leave the country (at least temporarily).  Fortunately for those students with more money than brains, the Internet will allow him to plagiarize essays from anywhere in the world.

Bon voyage, Matty!  


  1. I've seen his Twitter feed, and all the hostile tweets he's gleefully been retweeting. Funny how so many young women get all pissed off about an article that recommends making young women miserable in order to keep Forney's boner happy?

    I'm just surprized the manosphere isn't making more of a fuss about this, not even a rebuttal on Return of Kings, could it be Forney isn't considered all that interesting anymore? Oh hang on, he disowned the 'sphere didn't he?

    Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

    1. The sphere is bigger than one man that is why it's so powerful. Should we be worried???

    2. Forney lives for female attention. He absolutely adores it when some girl tweets about him. I think that's why he's exited the manosphere. He's written all the bottom-of-the-barrel posts he could that would generate the outrage he craves, and he can't think of any more.

    3. I would have said no, on the grounds that the manosphere is not all that powerful. But then I heard the full news story about Elliot Rodgers, and that does give me pause.

  2. How did you learn of this momentous event?!

  3. I wonder if he'll write one of those style posts about how overseas is so amaaazing and the women are so feminine!

    Or will he be consciously contrarian, as is his wont, and come back with the news that the USA is still the best place on earth after all, just to be different from the rest of the manosphere? Maybe we should open a betting book.

    What he won't do is come back and tell the truth: "yeah, I did the usual bar-hugging-with-expats stuff that all novice travellers on a budget do".


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