Friday, May 2, 2014


Seattle now has the highest minimum wage in the nation.  I can almost afford to quit teaching and get a "useful" job (as a bartender, perhaps?) and finally quit being such a social parasite.


  1. Great news! Now cue all the whining from the libertards and other lackeys of the 1% who'll claim that it'll "destroy jobs", "wreck the economy", and similar nonsense (I wonder how many Manuresphereans will be among them - probably a lot, I'm guessing).

  2. I wonder if Aaron Clary can spell 'straw man' cos something tells me he didn't pay much attention in English class.

  3. He's an odd duck, isn't he? He keeps claiming he's an economist, but he has a very poor grasp of basic economic theory. I wonder if he studied at a degree mill and got himself into horrendous debt for a degree that literally means nothing, and now he thinks all degrees are like that.

    1. Also seems to think that a teaching "degree" and a PhD are synonymous.

  4. Yeah stop that teaching, would you? Its so unnecessary.


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