Sunday, May 18, 2014

Have Trolls Overtaken Return of Kings?

One of my favorite past times has become to identify the trolls on Return of Kings.  The website is riddled with them, and the more blatant they are, the more fervent are the responses they elicit from the ROK's moronic simple-minded fan base.  Return of Kings is basically the equivalent of the World Wrestling Federation.  It doesn't matter if this stuff is real or not; it only has to deliver a predictable form of entertainment.

In his (?) post, "The Moment I Saw Women For What They Really Are," "Fry Koskenin" retreads the ground so familiar to Roosh and the other New Misogynists: the utter perfidy of the female sex.  In this particular story, our hero experiences his epiphany about the truly vile nature of women when a "fiery fit" former girlfriend coerces him into having (anal!) sex with her despite his suffering from a slipped disk: "My back, buttocks, and pelvis felt like they were filled with loose razor blades during every tentative thrust."* 

To top it off, this succubus proceeds to deride his unsatisfactory performance before storming off into the dark night:  "And then it occurred to me that I had brought a stealth predator into my sanctuary, and when I was most vulnerable to boot. She was not my ally and not my friend, and certainly not when my needs diverged from her most frivolous whims." 

Hey, when did the desire for sex become a "frivolous whim?" According to the "game" artists' version of evo-psych, we are all driven by the relentless messages emanating from our loins (because reproduction).

Fortunately, there were positive lessons to be learned:  "Now I laugh about all of this unnecessary strife, and take a certain sick joy in knowing that it’s unwise to ever fully relax in a woman’s presence.. It has liberated me from so many burdensome concerns, and for that I am grateful. You just can never fully trust what women are thinking or might do... And a bit of unease is always prudent when you know that a vampire is watching you sleep."

I would bet a significant amount of money (in my case, say, $100) that not only is "Fry Koskenin" not "a regular guy," but is not a guy at all, despite claims to be "a 41-year-old nuclear-engineer-turned-writer ... fond of intelligence, achievement, danger, and beauty, and not much else... [who] loves his motorcycle and despises communists."  The only part of Fry's post that is probably true is that he/she does have "an exemplary education."

This is not Matt Forney-level trolling.  This is far too carefully crafted.  And this particular troll has even gone to the trouble of creating a fake website
*Is it possible that she was just trying to play Marilyn Monroe to his Jack Kennedy?  MM was said to have mischievously remarked, "I think I made his back feel better" after one of their trysts in the early sixties.


  1. "Now I ... take a certain sick joy in knowing that it’s unwise to ever fully relax in a woman’s presence ...You just can never fully trust what women are thinking or might do..."

    omg, it's like he has a window into my living room. My husband just snuggled up next to me on the couch to get a quick nap in, and I, perfidious woman that I am, stuck my cold fingers on his neck. It was an absolutely egregious display of feminine imperative and stuffz.

  2. Great post, Cinzia, but I have one important question. How can you tell trolling from serious posting on RoK?

  3. I don't "know," but I strongly suspect. It may not be "trolling" in the sense of trying to "pull one over" his readers; it may simply be an attempt at fiction. First of all, he describes himself as "a nuclear physicist," but he doesn't write like any "STEM" guy I've ever read. The vocabulary choices suggest "educated female." The style is very melodramatic and very literary. Also, these sorts of "manosphere true confessions" are a genre, like "gothic romances," which follow a specific formula, and whoever wrote this has studied it carefully. He's included every cliche, and then taken it a bit further by making anal sex a violation of the man. The voice here is "off," just like Forney's voice was false in his SSM parody ("Virginia's Garden"). The website he provides is new, and seems to have been designed to "back up" his ROK post. Actually, there is an online program to detect "male" vs "female" writing styles. I'll find it and run this post through it just to see if it confirms my suspicions.

    1. This one?

      It's fun to play with, but it can be wrong. Nearly all of my professional work comes back male (between 66 and 91 percent). That said, when I checked a few male friends' work, it accurately labeled them as male).

    2. That's the one, thanks. It generally evaluates my writing as "weak male".

  4. I was particularly amused by his story about the horribly selfish girlfriend who allowed some lonely old Afghan neighbour to RUIN his birthday by organizing a small party for him. Gosh, throwing a party for someone, with a cake and friends??? Wickedness, thy name is woman.

    What's better is the comments supporting him, there are some very bratty little boys out there.

  5. We are educated engineers. I know Fry personally. He sent me this link so that we could laugh at the stupidity.

    I know you think no one is as smart as you are, but what liberals do not understand is that there is an army of people who own companies, are engineers and scientists, and who know how this universe works.

    1. 'This is a house of learned doctors'


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