Saturday, May 24, 2014

Manosphere Back Pedals Furiously

This evening, in response to the Santa Barbara shootings, the sages of the manosphere are offering up their little turds of "wisdom" and "insight":

It would appear that men aren't entitled to sex; women aren't entitled to safety. One might be led to believe that fact brought us together.

No one, regardless of gender, is "entitled" to sex however much we may desire it; yet all people have the right to safety.  Now go back to nursing your whisky and mourning your childless, uncoupled state, sir...
If one positive thing comes of the unfolding tragedy in Santa Barbara, it may be that the manosphere is subjected to more public scrutiny and widespread social condemnation.  In the wake of the news that UCSB student Elliot Roger participated in the forum puahate, other New Misogynists have scurried to deflect negative attention onto that site.  One blogger has even pondered if puahate and manboobz are somehow in cahoots with one another to bring the manosphere down.  Or with the Southern Poverty Law Center. As if. 

He talks of keeping the "haters" out, as if their network of angry blogs were some sort of gated community.  In fact, while the accessibility and anonymity of the internet has allowed the "manosphere" to blossom, it also works against it, by effectively rendering the "movement" it claims to represent transparent and its "leaders" accountable for the ideas they promulgate. 

From my point of view, there is little difference between puahate and any number of other misogynistic watering holes.  All of these sites are social cesspools that are brewing the same poison, whether it is Roosh ("Women are lubricated holes for my pleasure") and Return of Kings, Paul Elam ("I want to fuck their shit up" or "Bash A Bitch Week"), Bill Price or Vox Day ("Rape is our marital right"), or Matt Forney, who famously wrote that women needed to be beaten because "it's the only way to make them behave better than chimps," and who posted a piece about how men could get away with rape by murdering their victims and dismembering their bodies (oops, that was "satire," wasn't it?).

The manosphere is an aggregator of isolated, angry, socially maladjusted and mentally disturbed men -- and the (handful of) women who love them.  It creates an echo chamber that allows these men to delude themselves into blaming women and minorities for their own inability to adapt to a changing world of greater diversity, social inclusion and economic competition.  It breeds real, physical violence by promoting violent language and violent fantasies of retribution. Their impotent dreams of achieving dominance will inevitably end in the deaths of others; the blood will be on their hands.  And the world will keep turning.


  1. According to the reports I've read, this incel twerp wasn't just misogynistic, but thoroughly racist as well. His videos and manifestos contain several diatribes against blacks, whom he refers to with the N-word. He also killed three men in his apartment.

    Reason #2342764 the manosphere is full of sh!t. These guys never stop at hating women. They go on to blacks, Jews, pretty much every other group under the sun, and end up killing their "fellow" men as well. Complete insanity. No sane person of *either* gender wants anything to do with that BS.

  2. Sounds a bit dumb, but this may be the first shooting that's actually struck me on a personal level. It's also scary to think that I almost went to UCSB. But that's not really anything, considering it makes you realize that you really can't control where and when something like this happens. Who knows? It can happen in our towns any time, but we can't predict it. Scary. That guy who was shot while getting food? Just sick and tragic. And so unnecessary.

  3. One of the MRAs wrote a long blog post, partially quoting me, to explain why we're stupid and wrong to identify this guy as one of theirs, rather than the mentally ill person he was. And yet the blogger shares the same ideological viewpoint as the killer:

    "Well I do denounce his actions. I do also say that this is a very predictable conclusion to men being denied sexual access to women within the current paradigm of social constructs and restrictive gender roles."

    Got that? This guy went on a mass murder rampage because he couldn't get sex.

    These people are vile beyond anything I once could have imagined. I read over some of my mocking posts last night and all I could think was how wrong I'd been about these people. They're not funny losers, they're dangerous, anger-ridden losers.

    1. Yes, and how women who were denouncing Rodger's act of "retribution" were lacking in compassion. And how feminists "shame" men for "having feelings" (by which I assume he means the butt-hurt that comes from romantic rejection). Jesu Maria, I read his post and he is as thick. as. a. brick.

  4. My hope is that the manosphere will finally get some major press attention. Putting someone like Paul Elam or Roosh on a major news program and letting him speak would go a long way toward destroying this hateful movement.

  5. "It would appear that men aren't entitled to sex; women aren't entitled to safety."

    This sounds much like a threat: Give us the sex we want, or we will kill you.

    That's exactly what happened, and these men -- who are so desperate to distance themselves from it -- are still promoting this viewpoint.


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