Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Listen Up Ladies!

Women who wear yoga pants in public disgust me. I don't care how good it makes your ass look, you still look like a lazy slob in them.

A pair of well fitted jeans, on the other hand...


  1. Oh no, women oppressing men with their bottoms yet again!

  2. This tattooed elder slut cat lady only ever leaves the house dressed in business casual attire, but she's now seriously reconsidering wearing the tightest, clingiest, most unflattering yoga pants and slovenly tee that she can find just to annoy any random red pillers who happen to be scrounging around out there.

    Take that, Matt Forney.

  3. My girlfriend loves her yoga pants, but they don't suit me. Black leggings + over-sized tunic is my "go-to" casual attire. Thank goodness I know have approximately a dozen identical pairs scattered around the house.

    1. I meant "now," but of course you now that.

  4. This coming from a young man who dresses like a 75-year old that shops at Costco and always buys clothes two sizes too big because he thinks people won't notice his weight that way.

  5. Black leggings + over-sized tunic=the world's most comfortable outfit. Throw a scarf on and it's chic.


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