Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Coming Soon to a Youtube Channel Near You!

Woud-be auteur Davis Aurini of StaresattheWorld is seeking your support in bringing his vision of the "casual cruelty" of modern life to cinematic fruition.  Mr. Aurini's vision is as dark, potent, and singular as the man himself -- and it promises to "revolutionize" the contemporary narrative.

Friends, if you have ever dreamed of getting into an indie film production on the ground floor, this is your opportunity.

"Lust in the Time of Heartache" is a dark meditation on the state of our culture and our love lives, combining elements of Film Noire with marital arts action sequences."

Watch the clip for lulz.  Try to ignore the way the microphone neatly obscures the ever-natty Mr. Aurini as he swings a pair of nunchucks in a deserted parking garage, or the near inaudibility of the innocent bystanders "colleagues" who are endorsing Dr. Demento's Mr. Aurini's latest project.  And who's the jarringly-loud Slavic chick with the manic gleam in her eye at the end?  So many intriguing mysteries here, and this is only the pitch!

The theme of the proposed film is "man against himself" -- which pretty much sums up the nutty manospherean philosophy in a nutshell.
Speaking of Dr. Demento, remember "They're Coming To Take Me Away?"  I remember hearing this on the radio as a kid and responding with a queasy admixture of humor and horror -- which also pretty much sums up my reaction to the nutty manospherean "philosophy."


  1. Mr Aurini's certainly an odd character. I first stumbled upon him a couple of years ago, when he was ranting about the evils of liberalism on some other "neoreactionary's" blog, and claiming that one person all liberals feared and hated (because he exposed the moral bankruptcy of their philosophy or somesuch nonsense) was... wait for it... Anton Szandor LaVey of the Church of Satan*! I must admit that that claim of his surprised me a bit, as I was expecting him to mention some old school Catholic or Christian fundamentalist instead (not some charlatan whose whole shtick, as I understand it, was basically "All the things you've been told are sins are actually good! Now give me lots of money for revealing such a profound piece of wisdom to you!").

    The movie Aurini is planning to make looks delightfully bizarre; I'm actually hoping he manages to produce it! The funny thing is that he seems to raise some valid points regarding the shallowness and vacuity of a lot of modern life; that said, I'm not at all sure that whatever "cure" his movie is going to advocate for all our modern ills is going to prove any better than the "disease". We'll just have to wait and see, I guess. BTW, did you know he's also written a novel? It's called As I Walk These Broken Roads, and is available for purchase on Amazon (where 23 (not at all biased, I'm sure) reviewers have given it an average rating of 4.3 stars)! Are you excited? I know I am.

    *Someone he seems to be trying very hard to look like himself.

  2. He looks very much like Anton LaVey. The proposed film reminded me a little of Ed Wood too.

  3. For me Aurini is defined by the racist comments he left on one of Matt Forney's post saying black people were better off under slavery, according to him the Europeans were trying to do the Africans a favor.
    Hmmm.....someone needs to give that boy a history lesson.

  4. "Lust in the Time of Heartache" — film noire combined with martial arts! That title sounds like a telenovela.

    Filmed on location in mom's basement, the local high school gym, and a dumpy nightclub. With that title, I instantly though of the very good novel "Love in the Time of Cholera" — do ya think that's where Houdini Aurini got his inspiration? Nah, he's never heard of that book.

    That snippet is showcasing some awesome dude! production capabilities. Was that a boom mic or a really dirty Swifter broom?


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