Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools

It's April 1, in case you forgot, so Matt Forney has announced to the world he will commit suicide. Ha ha!  

It's obviously a joke.  Except that it isn't, really. Such a jest rings hollow when it's coming from a young man every cell of whose body is infused with self-loathing.  

It throws into sharp relief what a toxic stew the "manosphere" really is.  It's a place of darkness, delusion, and despair, of impotent rage, insatiable yearning, and misplaced aggression.  Anyone intent on exploring its depths for any period of time should be required to don full haz-mat protection. And then undergo several rounds of antibiotics afterwards. The scientist who discovers an antidote to the "red pill" should win the Nobel Prize.


  1. The "Red Pill" is nothing more than a pseudo-religion that has the Just-World Fallacy as one of its central beliefs.

  2. I'm wondering how he's going to handle this once April 1st has been and gone?

    Of course this could be his way of saying goodbye to the manosphere so he can go off and build a happy, productive life for himself? Right? It is possible, right?

  3. Hey thanks for discussing the No Not Link function. I had no idea about that, but I went back and put it in all the links to anti-gay, misogynist websites that I put up. Whew.

  4. Actually, this is a good post. Good words - I am going to steal them.


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