Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunshine Mary and I Have Something In Common

It's not simply that we're both emotionally labile middle aged bottle blondes who look at least ten years younger than our chronological ages. 

No, what Sunshine Mary and I have in common is that we're both absolutely flummoxed by the new technology. 

Really, old bags like Sunshine Mary and me have no business on the Internet because we can't for the life of us figure out how the darned thing works.  It's clearly all too much for our age-addled hamster brains to absorb.

When I read that the author of SunshineGary -- that arrogant sprout! -- had ridiculed SSM for having the internet skills of her 91 year old great-grandmother, I felt a certain pang of empathy for Mary.  After all, if I had known anything, I wouldn't have gotten doxxed, would I?  Some people are so mean, aren't they? Probably because they're jealous of our accumulated womanly wisdom. That's why I am going to take a leaf from Sunshine Mary's good book and start praying for them.

I didn't know Mary was renouncing her blogging addiction vocation until this morning, when I checked my oh-so-modest stats to discover a dozen readers popping in from a link on Sunshine Mary's blog.  Since I've only mentioned Miss Mary a couple of times*, I was puzzled.  Imagine my surprise when the link took me directly to her more "exclusive" Word Press blog in which she had posted an extremely lengthy and incoherent "farewell" to her most special fans.  Embedded in this byzantine (and to an "outsider," incomprehensible) post was a link to a comment an anonymous reader, a former acquaintance of Mary's,  had posted here on my (her words) "batshit blog" many moons ago.

It seems to have taken Mary a full day to figure out what she had done ("Oops!"), at which point she set her blog to "private," but the readers keep trickling in, now from a site called Get Off My Internets

If I'd known most of my traffic would come from people so hungry to read about Sunshine Mary (and JudgyBitch), I'd have blogged more about them.  

Lordy, lordy, the manosphere IS all about the red pill women, isn't it?
* I just can't get into that Christian submissive red pill wife melodrama!  It's too kinky for a vanilla "hetero-flexible" feminist like me!


  1. I think most of those gals are just kinky in denial.

  2. SSM came to believe I was obsessed about her, because I'd often link to her blog or make comments about it.

    The shameful truth is, every time I mentioned her, my site stats would go up. What's interesting is talking about the men doesn't create a bounce at all. Not Matt Forney, not Roosh, not the Return of Kings basement dwellers. They're just not interesting to the wider world.

    SSM should shake off the weirdos who surround her and go for a real writing career. I bet she could get a Daily Fail column!

  3. She's way to addicted by the attention she gets from her MRA commenters to give up blogging. I won't be the least bit surprised if she's back in three months.

  4. Truth be told I preferred reading what other people had to say about her rather than trawl her blog myself. I'd read a post every now and then, but find it tedious and mean spirited.

    That said, I'll be interested to see how she swings her come back.

    1. "I preferred reading what other people had to say..." My sentiments exactly. Actually, that applies to a lot of the manosphereans, doesn't it?

  5. She flounced before and returned within about 3 months. She can't stay away from her slobbering, worshipful horde of basement-dwelling, emotionally-stunted, disgustingly misogynistic fanboyz.

  6. She needs to stay gone at LEAST through the end of the spring semester so I can TCOB, then come back over the summer when I am bored again. I have to hand it to her, she is tons more entertaining than Roosh and Moldbug and the rest of the tighty alt-righties; their politics are just as terrible but as hers but they don't have any panache.

    ooo, I hope she and Laura whats-her-face throw down! wheeeeeee


    1. Judging from what many long time SSM followers are predicting, that may well be exactly what happens. Although right now, she's starting to remind me of one of those MGTOW, who keep threatening to go, but never actually leave.

  7. There's a campy, theatrical quality about her, which I think is what makes her both infuriating and entertaining. She tells half-truths in such a colorful splashy way-- lots of lurid sex and venom and over the top preening. Even her flouncing is flamboyant!

    There are other female antifeminists out there but they are mostly pretty boring.

    But yah, they can't miss you if you don't actually go. That's just basic showmanship.


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