Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Arrogance of Youth

One of the tropes of the New Misogynists is that attractive "quality" women, with their impossibly high standards, often miss the boat.  They turn thirty (or forty, or whatever), only to find themselves alone on the dock, all weathered and nasty and flea-bitten, while the ship of true happiness (a marriage to one of them, presumably) sails away. 

In Roosh's forum, he reproduced a post from "Date Lab" from a very attractive middle aged blonde named "Carla" who was reporting that she had recently met a nice fellow.  My response to Roosh's snark attack follows.  

Date Lab: 53 y/o woman wants magical spark
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Roosh snark:  53 year old women still have standards?


Carla quote: I told [her new beau] I’m trying to figure out why it took [Date Lab] so long to find someone for me

Roosh snark: Not all mysteries of the universe will be solved.

Carla quote: Definitely similar sense of humor. [That’s] important to me. A lot of guys don’t get my humor.

Roosh snark: If enough people don't get your humor, at what point is it time to accept you don't have it?

Carla quote: I didn’t feel a chemical attraction or that spark where sometimes you know right away.

Roosh snark: This bitch is almost dead and still waiting for the spark!
 (See what I mean about the braying donkey?)
Unless she's been diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer, a 53 year old woman is hardly "almost dead."  Statistically, she is likely to live another 35 years, and statistically she is likely to outlive her male partner.  She could very well outlive you, Roosh. Wouldn't that be a burn!  But who among us knows when he is going to die?  (Note -- topic for my other blog.)
I do see from her picture (which I have deleted to respect her privacy) that, although she's two years older than her new beau, she looks a decade younger.  In fact, she's an attractive woman for any age, and I'll bet he's feeling very lucky to have met her.  Is that what bothers you Roosh?  That a woman old enough to be your mother is sexually viable?
But here's the truth:  Love is precious at any stage of life. And as long as we're alive, and our hearts are open, and the desire is there, life is full of endless possibilities for love. 
Here's something else I want to say, Roosh, and you may choose not to believe it, but the fact is, A woman can always get laid.  Yup, you heard me right:  If a woman wants sex (and only sex), it hardly matters how old she is.  As distasteful as it is, them's the realities of the sexual marketplace: ladies' choice, men's opportunity.  Sorry about that!
Hell, I'm even older than the lady above plus I'm fat, and if all I wanted was a Casual Encounter, it would take me about thirty minutes to arrange one. 
Not only can an older woman get laid, she can be loved.  It's rather harder -- at any age -- but I also know this, from personal experience, to be true.
I'm not sure why evidence that people over fifty seek -- and often find -- "that spark" vexes you.  I would rather that it encouraged you.  You are approaching middle age yourself.  Aging is tough regardless of gender.  Is that why you're scared?

And as for referring to a woman your mother's age as "the bitch..."  May I remind you that you are not an adolescent anymore?  Do you still talk like that to your mother?


  1. If you didn’t get married until 53, than it would rather be stupid to marry someone you can live with, you marry the person who you cannot live without, the man who loves “ the pilgrim soul in you” as Yeats said, so it must be “starkle", the sweet feeling of waking, of dreaming.

    When Roosh would be old and gray and full of sleep and nodding but the fire take down his book and slowly read and dream of the soft look his eyes had once and of their shadow deep, he'll ask: " How many loved my moments of glad grace, and loved my beauty with love false or true, but no women loved the pilgrim soul in me and loved the sorrows of my changing face”.

  2. If he were 23 I would understand that youth and the conceit of his youth cloud his mind, but he’s 33 so … kinda immature.

  3. You posted a comment regarding your blog on his youtube channel and that’s why I’m ended here (my curiosity has no limits) but I wonder why did you made a blog about him? If he hears about it will only stimulate his vanity.

  4. Perhaps my post "I Man I Don't Exactly Hate" will help answer that question.

    And if YOU'RE concerned about stimulating his vanity, why are you watching his youtube channel?

    1. just curiosity. Don Machiavelli is a controversial romanian TV producer and I usually watched his short-films, his reportages from streets.

  5. I knew if I posted a comment on youtube, some Romanian viewers would see it, and I wanted them to know the darker side of this personality. I wonder if Don Machiavelli read any of Roosh before booking him? Because he could have asked him some pointed questions indeed. I wonder, for example, if Romanian viewers were aware that Roosh (Daryush Valizadeh) is on a civil rights list (the Southern Poverty Law Center) for "hate" writing (among other things, Roosh is an admitted rapist and rape enabler) or that both Iceland and Lithuania have declared him "persona non grata" (he can no longer enter either country.

    Roosh is not well known in the U.S., BTW. He has a small cult like following. He makes money by promoting sex tourism in other countries.

    Thanks for your comment.

  6. "Perhaps my post "I Man I Don't Exactly Hate" will help answer that question".

    If his parents are from Iran that explain much. Romanian culture is also conservative, so the majority of men are dominant in relationships, protective, they (think) are always right , they appreciate the family values, they believe a man must lead ( even most of the women are agree with it, very rare women vote for women here) and they think that if the world were run by women would not have wars, just a lot of countries that will not speak one with other. Italian men are the same, in fact the whole Balkan region and Eastern Europe. Most men have a hint of misogyny and we actually aware that we live in a misogynistic country. (They don't hate women, they love women, but they have fixed ideas when it comes to women's role).Unlike Roosh they say that a woman has to work , to have a job, but also to devote to the family (do all the stuff at home, raise children etc.) At least Roosh think it’s the duty of the men to provide for their families and women to stay at home.

    Unlike Western Europe, the Church (Christian orthodox church) has an important impact on Eastern Europe political. That doesn’t mean people are more faithful than in western countries, but orthodoxy is seen, at least in Romania, as our national identity, because during centuries the Orthodox Church helped to keep alive a sense of national identity under foreign occupations. Even those who not actually believe (atheists, agnostics) declare themselves members of the church as long as they believe in the culural values and they will defend themm. Religion still serves as a major cultural marker of national identity. The other days a Romanian deputy has propose the legalization of civil unions for same-sex. It was a huge scandal.

  7. Romanians men suffer from the same superiority complex like Roosh, so they will think it's funny what he's doing, because they like also joke about women. " A sinner show" (Antena 1 channel) is a daily night show in Romania, the most popular. They always make fun of fatties, praise the hotties and laught at stupidity. We are strange people.A conservative society formed by sinners individuals, quite a hypocritical combination.

  8. lots of easy girls here, who love to enjoy their life, but when they became wives ... it's over. They are also family oriented.

  9. Dear Anonymous(es),

    Since you are all anonymous, I don't know how many different people you represent. Regardless, I find your comments very interesting, and I am flattered you have read any part of my blog. If you are representative of the Romanians I might encounter there, I am becoming interested in visiting Romania myself one day.

    If you are actually one poster (the original poster) and would like to correspond off-blog, you can e-mail me directly.

    Thanks again!

  10. " I wonder, for example, if Romanian viewers were aware that Roosh (Daryush Valizadeh) is on a civil rights list (the Southern Poverty Law Center) for "hate" writing (among other things, Roosh is an admitted rapist and rape enabler)".

    Admitted rapist? wait a second, how come he's not in jail? He raped a woman for real or he just wrote about raping and sexually dominance?

    Romanian newspapers said he has come to study female behavior and gives men advice about how to seduce Romanian women. They also said that he is a controversial writer whose writings are seen like a Biblie by men and a rape guide by feminist organizations. It sounded like a metaphor, in both case, so I guess nobody actually thought about rape but seduction. Feminist groups don't have a positive image here.The very conceptualized feminism from the West don't have roots here. When they heard "feminism" most people will think about lesbianism and sexual emantipation.


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