Saturday, April 13, 2013

Roosh: America's Ambassador of Love to Romania

I hate to link to one of Roosh's posts, cuz I know it just gives him more hits, but the videos from Romania are pretty funny, especially the one where he wanders around a half-empty subterranean shopping mall looking for girls. All I can think about is, He's paid a thousand dollars to fly to Europe and he's in a deserted underground mall?  WTF?  I'm not sure what I'd be doing there, but I'd definitely want to do it above ground, in daylight, where I could actually see something.

In one video he is a guest on a local TV show, sandwiched between two lissome Romanian girls, and being thrown questions in broken English that are meant to show the audience what a perfect tool he is.  I'm pretty sure he realizes they're making fun of him, but he is just so damn happy to be on camera he can't stop grinning. (It warms my heart to see Roosh smile, but when he laughs, he exposes his teeth and tosses his head back, so that one can't help but picture a braying donkey.)

Again, I don't know what I would wear if I were invited to appear on Romanian television, but I'm sure that whatever it was, it would be clean.  Maybe Roosh's faded t-shirt and peculiarly unflattering jeans are freshly laundered, but they don't look like it.  There he is, complaining about what slobs American women are, and look!  He's showing the Romanian public that American men are equally slobby.  I don't think he's doing American guys any favors over there. And what's with the crotch shot?  He has spread his legs just as far apart as he can, like he's saving a seat on the bus for a friend who's getting on later.  It doesn't even look like a comfortable posture.  

Oh God now I sound like his mother.  And we all know what Roosh thinks of his mother.

In his favor, Roosh is definitely showing a flair for comedy in these videos. Maybe he can get himself cast in a European sitcom, playing himself ?  I'm serious!  It could happen!


  1. Iulius Mall is an underground mall? What you are talking about? You know nothing.They don't make fun of him, they make fun of every awkward situation. His look was ok for that kind of local show.

  2. My error, Anonymous, thanks for letting me know. I assumed it was underground because it looked so dark. In America, the malls tend to be more brightly lit. And not so empty.

    If they weren't making fun of him... well, they should have been!

    BTW, if you're a Romanian girl, please don't have sex with this guy until you've done your research. It's all online; please read carefully.

    Take care, and thanks for writing.

  3. I enjoy making love (I know, sounds like a cliché) not having sex with a complete stranger so I’m not his type, he’s not mine either , although I like he’s a cultured man with charisma and not an ignorant. Our social circles will not intersect, but there are women who will find this exciting, so I don’t worry for him, I’m pretty sure he will enjoy his stay here. Easy girls have weakness for anything foreign. I’m not worry neither for those girls, because they love to be the object of men sexual desire and Roosh’s 2 minutes of primetime coverage on Antena 1 probably aroused their curiosity if he’s really good in bed, a real Casanova as he was introduced. I read about him on internet, no need a detailed research. He is so transparent. He enjoy being a jerk. Why? Probably because he’ s feeling empty inside craving after a the feminine ideal and a normal word. He uses very caustic criticism when he’s talking about American women, his words cut like razor blades and can leave you with scar, so I understand them, but it’s always better to use criticism to better yourself and not collapse for the worse. I kinda fell sorry for him, because his attitude would only lead to self-destruction. I prefer to suspect me of abnormality in place of the world, cause I can live with the thought of my disease, which is a thought that makes me guilty and forced me to adapt and always try to be better, while thinking like Roosh, that I’m healthy and live in a sick world it would just justify my negative actions and lead to my self-destruction.

  4. I read another blog entry of yours regarding Roosh’s visit in Romania, (“ Is Roosh a sociopat?”) where you said you believe my country is a shit-hole because “a large population of unwanted young people grew up on the streets due to Ceausesc's prohibition of contraception”. I’ve been visiting most of European countries, but I love best my shit-hole. Maybe because is mine :)

    Nobody lived on streets during communism regime, it was not allowed. Everybody had an apartment and a job, every person had to work, if you refused a job, you would have to go to prison. There weren’t homeless, the regime provided each citizen with a home that you could afford to pay from your salary (rates). It’s true that the prohibition of abortion has increased the number of institutionalized children, but no one was abandoned on the streets. I wonder how many Americans have their own house? 97% of Romanians own the houses where they live. We have to thank Ceausescu for that. Of course every regime has positive and negative aspects, and the 80s was a very difficult period , because Ceausescu attempted to pay off Romania's national debt within a very short period of time and also the state’s control extended too much into people's private lives. This was his fatal mistake.

    Also, you said that Roosh “favors Eastern European countries like Romania because the people, specifically the women are poor and desperate” and “ likes Eastern European girls because they put effort into their sexual appeal (naturally enough, as it is their only real avenue of social mobility)”.

    First I think he favors Eastern European countries because he is poor and cannot afford to stay three months in Norway, for example, is more comfortable for him to live here and second Romanian women are culturally quite accomplished. They also enjoy to take care of themselves because they are women. All women want to feel beautiful and I think every woman has to be perfectly aware of her qualities and smart enough to be able to use them to take her forward in life. Physical beauty is not a quality, beauty isn't enough, there must be something more, but it brings you more confidence in yourself and happiness, because when you look good on the outside you feel good on the inside.

    Have a nice day :)

    1. Thank you for your post. I apologize for my offensive language. In fact, I have never visited Romania, and as a child of the Cold War, my impressions of your country are no doubt distorted by western propaganda. It has been my privilege to have had several Romanian students in the past, and they were very intelligent, attractive, and charming.

      I think you have a valid point when you say part of Roosh's promotion of Romania and other EE countries as "poosy paradises" (in his words) is based on the fact that he (and the American men who follow him) can stay there despite limited means.

      The fact remains, Roosh is a sex tourist from my country promoting sex tourism in your country. And I'll bet we can both agree that is not a good thing for either country.

    2. The beauty of the women is a sort of national brand used for attract tourists, so he doesn't has to promote anything that it is promoted already. There are plenty of foreigners that are looking for a short relationship here and girls who could offer them pleasure, but this behavior ,which is tolerate at individual level, it’s shameful at the level of society and condemned. Others came looking for love and get married. Prostitution is still illegal here so nobody will openly promote sex-tourist.

  5. I concede Roosh exercises a certain degree of charisma, which is why he has been able to maintain a small but fanatical PUA cult. However, he is no Casanova: this is a man who writes that "women are lubricated holes for my pleasure" and the female orgasm is "trivial." (Casanova, on the other hand, really seems to have liked the women he seduced.)

    As for his criticism of American (or Northern European) women, the women of Eastern Europe should not flatter themselves that Roosh prefers them merely for their superior beauty and femininity; he targets them because they are more vulnerable economically and socially.

    I commend your English BTW. I wish my students could express themselves half as well.

    1. Really? He wroted that? Writers write what people want to read, that's all. My sixth sense tell me he's not a Casanova, he's a writer who created an alpha character, who must be egocentric,chauvinistic and insensitive.Women here are not so vulnerable,they know exactly what they want. They would be flattered if a sheik from Dubai prefer them,not Roosh :) Roosh is a American like any other. We like Americans, but we consider them a bunch of idiots ( no offense, but this is the Romanian cultural stereotype regarding Americans )

      " I commend your English..."
      Thank you, I understand English quite well (it's such an easy language) but I didn't take any grammar lesson, so I don't know how to write correctly.

    2. The cultural stereotype of Americans as "a bunch of idiots" has been richly earned, so no offense taken!

      And many writers do write whatever people want to read (but not all, I hope).

    3. For now I'm going to direct you to Manboobz re/ Roosh's reputation as a rape apologist.

      His book on Iceland has been characterized by a reporter there as "a guide to rape," and he has admitted that some of the things he has done to women "would have been illegal in the United States."


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