Sunday, April 21, 2013

Another Response to Matt Forney's Rape "Satires"

Dear Matt,

This post is in response to your recent attempts to write humorously about a topic we can all agree is loaded.  Yeah, I mean both of your rape "satires", not just the one you quickly took down and "apologized" for.

I can see you're struggling with the genre, so I thought I'd helpfully link you up to a writer you'll recognize, Lindy West, who wrote a brilliant piece about How To Tell A Rape Joke.

Oops, my bad!  I know how much you dislike feedback from women females on any subject whatsoever (especially if the subject is women females themselves), so let me link you instead to a male masculine comic you might relate too.  Like you, Louis CK is bald, pale, pudgy, and has built a stellar career on charting his trouble with girls.
Louis CK has done several bits concerning rape but this one is my personal favorite.  (In case you don't "get it," the "butt" of the joke here is the girl and / or rape culture itself -- yet women find it as funny as men do.)


La Strega

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