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Roosh: Coming Soon to a Second Tier City Near You

I note that I have a few readers from other countries, most notably Romania and Russia.  Perhaps some of you are Roosh fans; perhaps, some of you not so much.  Roosh posted the following a couple of years ago, when he was getting a lot of flack from writing about his exploits in various Latin American countries.  Roosh's words are in bold; my annotations are italicized.  

9 Things I Want To Say To My International Critics

By Roosh

I have nine things I would like to say to all those who are angry about my travel writing:

Stop right there, did you say "travel" writing?  You mean I can find these guides in my local Rick Steves store?  If by "travel" you mean "how to prowl foreign discoteques, malls, clubs, and locate cheap sublets," maybe.
1. Sex is a normal biological process that occurs whether it’s written about by me in a book or not. I’ve yet to see any evidence that a noticeable “Roosh Boost” occurs in countries I write about.

No one is going to argue with that.  I'm mildly curious what a "Roosh Boost" involves (is this somehow related to Roosh's boast that he "explodes" in women's vaginas?) but I can live without knowing...

2.It may be hard to believe, but your women like fucking men who are from different countries. Attacking me won’t change that...

Note the use of "your women."  This is a powerful taunt in cultures with patriarchal tribal traditions, in which women are seen not only as the property of their male relatives, but also as the receptacles of family honor.  Roosh, one generation away from a rural Iranian village, betrays his own tribal origins here.  

Note to my non-American readers:  This is NOT how most American men under the age of, say, 120, refer to women!

Procreating with a different race or background is an evolutionary [sic]  advantageous behavior that lowers the rate of genetic disease.

While it's well established that the offspring of first cousins who marry -- especially over successive generations -- are more likely to suffer from certain congenital diseases carried by recessive genes, I challenge you to show me any credible scientific evidence that "procreating with a different race... is an evolutionarily advantageous behavior."
3. Consensual sex with girls of legal age is not predation and is not rape, no matter how many times you say it is.

Agreed -- if and when it is indeed consensual and the girl is of legal age.  Having sex with extremely intoxicated girls who are incapable of consent IS rape in the U.S. -- no matter how many times you say it isn't.  Coercing women by deceiving them or simply wearing them down, or by deliberately targeting very young or naive girls with promises of a "relationship," while not rape, is "predatory" and morally repugnant.
4. You should be more concerned about turning on your women instead of trying to stop foreign men from successfully providing them with [sic] their emotional and physical needs. One path yields more sex, while the other gets you nothing.

Again with the "your women" taunt.  Basically, he is telling his critics "I can take your women because I am more of a man than you are, so nyeah, nyeah, nyeah!"  As for more successfully fulfilling their emotional and physical needs, that's pretty rich coming from a guy who dismisses the female orgasm as "trivial," doesn't care if his partner comes or not, and admits his own most satisfying sexual encounters have been with women he "hate-fucked."
5. By the time my book about your country has been published, thousands upon thousands of men have already had sex with your women. Nothing you do can stop this from proceeding unless you completely ban tourism.

"Nothing you can do to stop me from having sex with your women."  Wanna bet?  In fact, countries CAN do a lot to discourage sex tourism without banning legitimate tourism.  Roosh has already been declared "persona non grata" in a number of countries.  Keeping undesirable elements out is one of the reasons countries demand visas.
6. You can’t pick and choose what effects of globalization impact your country. You must take the good (increase in trade and technology) versus the bad (competition from hairy foreign men).

Is Roosh seriously suggesting that the only way to build a globally competitive economy is to allow sex tourists through their borders? What a dilemma!  (At least Roosh admits he's "the bad" vs. "the good" here.)

7. Censorship doesn’t work in the internet age. Go ahead and ask the Brazilian government how easy it is to take sites off the internet. If you look hard, you’ll probably find hundreds of sex-themed articles about your country. My work is just a drop in the bucket.

Probably true.  However, has it occurred to Roosh that it is not "sex-themed articles" in general they object to, but his in particular?

8. Criticizing the use of game as “manipulation” shows that you’re stuck in the wrong century. Science now backs up game concepts such as touching, pre-selection, and being alpha as ways to be more attractive to the opposite sex. Your argument is essentially “Be unattractive on purpose because it’s natural and right.” Good luck with that. Instead, American men want the best game to get penis inside vagina. You will not dampen the demand for this crucial knowledge.

Actually, I don't have much against PUA and "game" if it helps a few socially inept fellows muster enough self-confidence to climb out of their mom's basement on a Saturday night.  It's pretty silly stuff, but so is most of the relationship advice out there, whether it's for girls or boys.

By "science," Roosh and his ilk mean "evolutionary psychology," which is a highly controversial field riddled with pot-holes of fallacy, inadequate data, and overgeneralization.  Its status as a discipline is further compromised by yo-yos like Roosh who embrace half-baked theories as gospel and then apply them willy-nilly to justify the most heinous and socially maladaptive behavior.

Whether Roosh's brand of "game" constitutes "crucial knowledge" is also highly debatable.  

9. You should thank me and my compatriots for spending money in your country. Your hotels, restaurants, tour agencies, and nightlife venues get paid. Your people will suffer more if we go elsewhere.

Personally, I find this final point the most distasteful, and if I were a national of Romania, Russia, Colombia, or any other country, I'd be infuriated by the notion that I should be grateful or beholden to some Ugly American who believes he is doing me a favor by throwing a few dollars into the local coffers.  Who the hell does he think he is, the Sultan of Brunei?

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  1. “You should thank me and my compatriots for spending money in your country. Your hotels, restaurants, tour agencies, and nightlife venues get paid.”

    Europeans (especially Italians and Germans) are spending money in Romania, not Americans. This year we promote Romania to Arab countries, a promotion focus on entertainment,clubbing and beautiful girls.


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