Friday, April 26, 2013

Roosh in Romania

Family resemblance?  Probably not.  In Count Vlad's day, Turkish visitors to Romania were customarily impaled.


  1. Actually the impalement was a turkish(ottoman) torture technique. Vlad Tepes grew up at the Ottoman court :) Any acts of crime in Wallachia ( historical region of Romania) from lying to stealing at the time of Vlad were punished by impalement.

  2. That's interesting (that Vlad grew up at the Ottoman court). I also read that he once nailed the turbans to the heads of visiting Ottoman officials, which doesn't seem like a very, uhm, diplomatic gesture. And i know Wallachia is only part of Romania -- I just couldn't resist poking fun.

  3. Wallachia was never a part of the Ottoman state, it was an autonomous principality who paid heavy tribute to the Ottoman Empire so it was under suzerainty of the Porte. Wallachian nobles had to send one of their sons to Constantinopole, as a guarantee that they will not revolt and will continue to pay the fee. The children were not prisoners there, they were treated and educated as princes and lived enthroned amid great luxury.

  4. I can't be the only one who's getting a Charlie Manson vibe from that picture.

    1. No, you aren't. Combined with his apocalyptic world view, cultish followers, and his ability to manipulate his acolytes to harass his perceived "enemies," there are a lot of things about Roosh that remind one of Charles Manson. Fortunately he has so far shown little interest in cultivating a family of female followers. In fact, he seems to rebuff the occasional deluded groupie who tries to join in.


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