Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sex in America

I looked at my stats page today.  I'm mainly curious where readers are coming from. 

I'm old enough to get a thrill from seeing that someone from South Korea or Romania has read a few of my words.  I'm so old that the global nature of internet communication still excites me.  When I was a kid, having a foreign pen pal was a big deal (and significant investment of time and effort).  But I digress...

I'm also curious how people manage to find personal blogs, the search terms they use to get there.

One intrepid soul had come to me via "sex in america."  Holy-moly, the mind reels at how many sites he had hit with that entry!

Although I hope he found what he was looking for, I kind of doubt it...

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  1. Hello. I'm always curious about how people find my online postings as well. I followed a link from PZ Meyers' blog, which I believe led to manboobz, then here. I'm in the process of moving, but when I need a break, I've been reading through your blog. I find your blog insightful, well written, and an entertaining to read.

    I too have had problems with the PUA/MRA groups. I have had to deal with several occurrences of sexual assault in the past, and I find these blogs, as well as their aggressive followers, frightening. It's one thing to read a blog; it's another to experience the actions such blogs inspire.

    Your blog is helping me put these PUAs in a larger context that I couldn't do beforehand because of my immediate emotional response. Thank you for that. I hope you continue to post in the future.


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