Saturday, October 25, 2014

Is Mike Cernovich a Snake Oil Salesman?

I'm amused by how many defenders of Mike Cernovich are in awe of his ability to "market" himself on social media even while conceding he's a complete ass-hole. I like Matt Binder's take on all this, BTW.

I can't see how manipulating or boon-doggling people into buying a really terrible "product" (whether it's quackery or bigotry or just one's own name) is admirable behavior; rather, I think it's something to despise. There are a lot of gullible people out there to market shit to, so it's not even that difficult to do... if you're willing to sell your soul.

Mike Cernovich: Appealing to the "aggrieved young white male gamer market" -- very good market!


  1. +1
    But that's as old as the snake oil salesman, isn't it? Now snake oil salespeople are empowered by the world wide web. And despising those types is warranted.
    It starts with ignoring them. But that is, admittedly, very hard to do.

  2. Lol! Found this link that's pretty funny.:

  3. (Babs says)
    Ever find yourself stuck in traffic, listening to honking and yelling and thinking to yourself there just aren't enough assholes in this world? Or at the mall, a store, on the world wide web…

    If only there were more unpleasant assholes. That's the ticket to success! Just be an asshole.
    There just aren't enough of those types around.

    1. All the time, Babs, all the time.

      Not a day goes by that I don't say to myself or anyone willing to listen,

      "Why, oh why there are so many good and decent people all around us? Why can't we have some assholes for a change to enrich our lives in immesurable ways, as they are wont to do? What can we do to create more assholishness around us, cuz there surely isn't enough of it?"

      Yes, these questions and others like them are constantly on my mind, as you can imagine. And I imagine they preoccupy every decent person as well.

  4. Cinzia, I'm sorry to say that you, like all decent people, make a fundamental mistake assuming that these individuals have souls, and therefore there is something they have to offer to the devil in the hellish bargain they make with him.

    Well, I hate to be the bearer of news, but they don't. So no, there is nothing to sell there, nor be perturbed by.

    A conscience-free asshole is the best asshole there is -- the purest and most effective one, since nothing interfers with assholishness as much as moral scruples.

    P.S. I'm working on a handle for myself to comply with your request, but it seems to be a difficult decision for some reasons. So many possible monikers, so little will power to choose one of them... Maybe "Ann" -- short for an(n)onymous? OK, Ann it shall be from now on.


  5. Ann here again.

    As I'm getting acquainted with Mr. C (oh, those half-naked selfies that he likes to take are so appealing..., I suspect he may be suffering from testosterone / steroid poisoning.

    As such, he should be a walking ad AGAINST his own methods (not that his followers would notice).

  6. Ed Brayton asks:

    "Seriously, have you ever met anyone who claimed to be an “alpha male” who wasn’t a massive asshole?"


    Seriously, must we even ask?

    Matt Binder is spot on, BTW. It is refreshing to read.



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