Monday, October 20, 2014

Don't Feed the Animals

The newest post at Depressed Feminist makes me wish I could address all those people who are reacting angrily to Matt Forney's newest "click bait," a post in which he declares tattooed and pierced women to be, essentially, broken slags. No, I haven't read it myself and I'm not going to link to it here. Enough is enough! It's time to stop feeding this particular troll who makes his living (well, some kind of a living) generating "viral hits." 

We all need to consider that every time we link to Matt Forney or Return of Kings, we are putting a penny in their hate-filled coffers; we are financially supporting their own pathology.

Whatever one says about Forney (and I myself have obviously said entirely too much, to my own detriment), the kid is an indefatigable outrage machine. Every time he comes up with a new population to insult, their anger precipitates a volley of tweets and links to his monetized site. One of his admirers (and he does have some) once observed that Forney is a genius at "amygdala hijacking," and truer words were never tweeted.  

Matt Forney will post anything -- anything -- to generate publicity for himself. It doesn't have to be true. It doesn't have to be something even he, in his twisted amoral mind, believes to be true. It's all about "bringing down servers" with an avalanche of furious attention. For reasons only a psychiatrist could fathom, Forney is a young man who has elected to devote his considerable gifts to generating negative attention by lashing out at... well, pretty much everybody... in a desperate, relentless validation of his own importance. He will not only doxx and smear his critics, he will similarly treat his own (former) friends.

The best way to "fight" the Matt Forneys of the internet is to block them on twitter and only link to their posts through It's time to stop feeding these kinds of trolls. For his own well-being, Forney needs to be put on a diet of severely reduced attention. 

Really, it's for his own good.

And on that note... I've been listening to Lucinda Williams' new album:


  1. Thanks for linking :)

    I did wonder if some way I'm contradicting myself by writing about Forney at all. Then again, it is fun to make fun of him, and humor is a much better weapon against trolls than aggression.

    I wonder what he'll be like when he's 40+? Maybe a kind of Mark Minter figure, but without the trail of ex-wives?

    1. I think Matt will turn to religion. Although, I am worried whether he'll make it at all. Mark Minter has been able, at least, to somehow atract some women of his choosing and to begin relationships, if not sustain them. The guy who writes Black Pill (Omega Virgin Revolt) has been able to start a real career and earn a good living, even though romance and sex eluded.
      Matt Forney, on the other hand, is raging without anything going for him, other than a supportive family. But that's not an accomplishment of his own creation. It's not something he could nurture and grow into a point of pride when he's 40.
      He took many if those videos and posts down now, but in the beginning, Forney shared being unhappy with every aspect of his life: his body, job prospects, absence of sex/romance, inability to start and/or finish projects, ect.. He raged agains the government and the older generations. He raged against the bullies of his youth. In a touching post, Matt talked about his awkward shyness and inability to even say "hi" to one of his favorite musicians after waiting for a long time to do just that, and how that relates to his inability to talk to girls. In the beginning, he wrote a lot about wanting to be important, special, talented and famous.
      It doesnt look like he has a plan. It doesnt look like he's made much progress. He seems to be stuck without much hope for the future.
      Sorry about my English.

    2. Electric Violin, I think your English is really good! :^)

      As for the Farty Mento turning to religion... well, they do say prayer is the last refuge of a scoundrel. But I don't see that happening unless something *devastating* were to happen to him and he completely lost it and cling to religion like a drowning man to a liferaft.

      The guy doesn't have the humility to be a seeker; acknowledging that he doesn't have all the answers and stopping with this horsepucky posturing is WAY out of his wheelhouse at the moment. I'm pretty sure his lack of compassion and awareness keep him blind, deaf and dumb to the grandeur and joy that arise from seeing how we are all connected.

  2. I'm sure his story will be the same as other equally unhappy people in the manosphere out there.

    He's in the Philippines now, last I heard. On a Thailand or Philippine beach filled with sun and cheap teenage prostitutes where people pay good money to travel while dreaming of a full-time tropical life, there are many bitter drunk retirees trapped on a pension large enough to keep them fed and liquored with nothing good to say about their situation… with every self-created ill blamed upon the Philippines and Filipinos.
    Thailand, Indonesia, China, Mexico, Germany, India… same story. Same types of dudes.

    1. That was, afterall, Minter's story too. But instead of Asia he did South America.

    2. IIRC, Minty picked up Wife #3 along the way as well.

  3. Blessed be the donotlink option. This is the only way I access manurespheric blogs.

    Forney's not among them, though. He's too moronic, even for manuresphere -- and that says something. The only reason I'm familiar with his blog is your unpleasant and unwanted involvement with this sad little man a while back (and I am so sorry you had to go through it). He reminds me of a rabies-infected chihuahua (with apologies to rabies-infected chihuahuas).

  4. Forney is a genius at "amygdala hijacking," and truer words were never tweeted.

    Disturbed people often are. Happy, empathetic people feel your pain. Unhappy people who lack empathy make you feel their pain. It's a relief for them.


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