Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Sarkeesian Effect: A Measured Response

Remember Davis Aurini, Matt Forney's hiking chum, clad head to heel in black, his bald, naked pate gleaming under the blazing sun of the Arizona desert? 

With #gamergate, Aurini is hustling for funds to complete his documentary "The Sarkeesian Effect," and he's apparently raised $9000 so far. 

Aurini, the Ed Wood of the manosphere, is always a ripe subject for ridicule. Many have had their way with him, including David Futrelle and myself in a previous post because he is so deliciously weird and pretentious. Futrelle has compared him to Anton LeVey. but I think he is as campy as John Waters. Although Aurini actually seems to believe the terrible crap he spouts, I can't help but have a soft spot for someone who can make me laugh as hard as he (inadvertently) does. And I'm not alone -- watch this: 

This video is the best, but wait, it gets even better! Aurini actually responded to this assault on his dignity:

I've had people asking me to respond to this video, but I really don't see anything to respond to.  From what I can tell, it's nothing but a bunch of insults and snark coming from some anonymous hyena... I suppose the $15k for making a movie thing is worth addressing - but really, all I have to do is point towards the budget of any movie you care to name to demonstrate how expensive it is.  Jordan I will be doing a video shortly updating our Patreon supporters on everything including the financing, but really, it's a paltry budget.  He's just bringing it up to try and undermine the project.

And then the reluctant King of #gamergate weighed in on twitter:

Criticize the project? Fine. But don't insult my intelligence by claiming that and are trying to scam people.

Sometimes I seriously wonder if the manosphere isn't just a venue for frustrated performance artists. It's comforting at least to be reminded that they really are a bunch of buffoons.


  1. I found it impossible to hate Aurini after watching his masterpiece, Lust in the Time of Heartache (or whatever it was called); seriously, that was awesome in its sheer bizarreness! In a similar vein, I find it hard to hate the creationist (and all-round shyster) Ray Comfort after learning he's earned the nickname Bananaman for coming up with arguably one of the most stupid arguments ever for his particular brand of pseudoscience (namely that the humble banana offers irrefutable proof of Intelligent Design(TM)); or British MRA Tom Martin after learning he'd once accused penguins - penguins! - of being whores.

    1. Oh, c'mon, everyone knows what whores penguins are. Only human and rabbit females surpass them in their whoring ways. It's the truf. ;)

      "Lust" was awesome in its bizarreness. I think Aurini & Co.'s productions are fantastic, though not for the reasons they expected. They are bona fide mockumentaries, of the kind genuine filmmakers spend a lot of time and effort to create (e.g., "Best in Show"), while these guys just whip them out as easily and naturally as only the stupid could.

      It is pure hilarity, even more so because unintended.


    2. What, you haven't watched "The Pebble and the Penguin?" A stunning indictment of the hypergamous ways of females!

  2. That was the best, Cinzia.

    "Ed Wood of the manosphere, Anton LeVey. John Waters"

    I can see them all

  3. Wow, that video is hilarious. I do enjoy hearing how people not previously aware of the manosphere respond to it, especially men.

    I too would love to know if Aurini keeps multiple skulls around his apartment, or just chose to place the same one in shot each time like it's his lucky mascot.

    Does anyone else think Aurini should start sporting a cape? Though it might interfere with his parkour punch ups.

    1. Cape and fake fangs and I'd donate a dollar.

    2. I think Aurini should get many more skulls, and stack them all up beside one of the walls in his house, just to give the place a bit of a nice Khmer Rouge/Rwandan genocide vibe.

    3. Yes, and the chair he sits in to make his podcasts should have skulls on it.

      Maybe there's a market for an Aurini dress up doll? With the option of fangs, cape, fedora and a selection of black and white turtle necks?

  4. A scam artist defending the honor of other scam artists. There is honor among hucksters!


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