Sunday, August 17, 2014

Is Matt Forney a One Trick Pony?

That aspiring professional troll, plagiarism enabler, wannabe journalist / musician / groupie magnet, and all around stinkbot, is back to his old tricks, er, trick of bringing down "feminist enemies" by (in his buddy Roosh's words) "raping" their Google-able identities.

I swear, this kid has the emotional maturity of a twelve year old. Matt, does your mom know what you're doing on the internet when she leaves you home alone? 
Gawker employee Dayna Evans recently (and apparently successfully) got ousted "Vice" founder Gavin McInnes' hands slapped for writing what has been widely described as a viciously transphobic screed that violated the standards of even Thought Catalog. I'll admit I haven't read McInnes' piece because I do have my limits, but I kind of doubt that Evans is gonna lose any sleep over this.


  1. We need a new verb: 'Forneyed' - when a journalist has become well known enough to trip off the insecurities of a wannabe writer. Soon, everybody will want to be Forneyed, as proof that they've progressed far enough in their career.

    1. I dunno. Being "forneyed" sounds like being forcibly made the victim of some sort of perverse sexual practice. As in, "First he pulled a gun, officer. Then he forneyed me." or "Call an ambulance. This man has been forneyed." The pain, the shame.

  2. Forney's deep concern over the anguish of Jezebel's female staffers confronted with images of violent porn is so... touching, in a hilariously unbelievable way.

    Matt Forney, exposing and condemning misogyny -- that's just priceless. Of course it is only to score a point against a female writer-activist, but still -- it shows that at least he is capable of recognizing it, bless* his shriveled heart.

    *Nah, not really.

  3. Well thus far his hatchet piece, reblogged by another site, appears only on the second page of google.

    Trouble is, Matt's site just isn't getting the traffic anymore, if the single figures comments are anything to go by.

    And since when was Dayna Evans personally responsible for Gawker's crappy inaction over Jezebel being mega-trolled?

  4. My advice to you is to continue to avoid McInnes' article. I read it out of curiosity, and I'll say this: he knows how to use imagery in an effective manner. Ugh.


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