Sunday, August 17, 2014

If They Were Women...

Some of the New Misogynists are a bit ticked off by the recent media attention given to the FeMRAs. Roosh posted a video warning the Men's Rights Movement that they were making a serious tactical error by allowing girls into their tree house. Some of these guys believe that FeMRAs are the Trojan horses of a vast feminist conspiracy to infiltrate every last space once the sole and rightful dominion of men. [Sigh! If only!]

Mostly their feathers are ruffled because journalists find the spectacle of female anti-feminists more freakish intriguing than a bunch of Angry White Guys bitching and moaning about how they've now got to share their pie with everyone else, and it's so [sob!] unfair! 

Vox Day observed the other day, "If we were women, there would already be a Time Magazine cover with Roosh, Roissy, and me dressed in all black, arms folded, cast in dramatic lighting." 

Actually, if that trio were women invited to pose for such a cover, they'd be photographed in soft pastels, nonthreatening postures, their makeup and hair impeccably done, bathed in the warm, flattering light of feminine subjugation. Now wouldn't that be a pretty picture? Although even then, they'd have to face an onslaught of angry readers who complained they were too fat, ugly, old, or hirsute to merit media attention.

 But that remark got me imagining: If I really were "La Strega" and had magical powers that could, say, transform a prince into a frog, what more delightfully malicious way to exercise them than to turn all the New Misogynists into women? I don't mean permanently -- I'm not that cruel! -- but only until they could persuade a beautiful transgender warrior princess to kiss them and reverse the spell...


  1. LOLz! You are so wicked, Cinzia. I'm right there with you. Let's turn the New Misogynists into women for a month or two, and have them experience all the glorious benefits of the female privilege first-hand. It's only because we so care and wish the best for them, of course. ;)

    'Vox Day observed the other day, "If we were women, there would already be a Time Magazine cover with Roosh, Roissy, and me dressed in all black, arms folded, cast in dramatic lighting."'


    Jealousy is so... becoming of these lovely fellas. They try so hard to stir the shit on themz Interwebz with their psychopathic presence and views, and still it is the biotches who get all the attention. Female privilege! Gynocracy! Cock carousel! Wait... Oh, why not.

  2. Cinzia, have you read _Ethan of Athos_ or _The Left Hand of Darkness_? They are both sci-fi.

    EoA features a planet 1000 years in the future that is all-male. Reproduction is through uterine technology. As they need to replenish their supply, Ethan is sent to a planet where he encounters women, who they have been taught to be believe are pure evil incarnate, for the first time.

    LHoD is about beings on a planet who morph between genders at "kemmer," a monthly event tied to the lunar cycle. The father of one child may also be mother of another. Fascinating thought experiments!

    In any event, I would LOVE to see these guys deal with periods from Hell, cramps, PMS, childbirth, catcalling, incessant objectification, discrimination, high heels and bloating! Not to mention making less money and having to fork over more for clothes and makeup. I wonder how they would appreciate being on the other side of mansplaining and neverending condescension!

  3. The jealousy! The jealousy! These men live totally online. They've created this New Misogyny space for themselves as a way of carving out an identity. It must burn them up that it's the women getting the attention.

    It puts the lie to all the 'civil rights' claims these people make, though, doesn't it? There is no legitimate civil rights or political movement that's been successful that has used proxies to do the talking. None. The suffragettes didn't, the black power movement didn't, the gay rights movement didn't. These people should think long and hard about why they can't get traction under their own steam.

    1. You are right, both about the carving out of online identities and use of proxies. Karen Straughan and Dr. Tara will make names for themselves out of all this, but what will Roosh and the AVfM guys end up with? And whatever happened to Roissy? Is he in a relationship, making a living, getting anything out of his life?

  4. I would love it if some of these men could experience being women for a couple of weeks, experience the supposed privilege they all talk about first hand.

  5. Vox! Thinks! If! (giving up after just that) if they were women they'd be treated like stalwart heroes(heroines?) like Time Magazine's Whistleblowers cover. Irregardless of what you think of the issues raised, the echo is too strong to ignore.


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