Monday, February 3, 2014

Back to the Kitchen Ladies!

So this week is "Return to Traditional Values" over at Return of Kings, and the boys are twittering up a storm.  This is the sweet, nostalgic side to the New Misogynists.   They just want to find a girl like Mom Grandma.  And judging by the success of Domestic Goddesses like Nigella Lawson and Martha Stewart, there are a lot of women who share this fantasy of Getting Back to the Kitchen.  Too bad the New Economy makes that pretty much impossible for all but the most affluent.

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    Does being a partner in a dual-careerist household of symmetrical domestic duties and expectations sound romantic to you?
    In fact, it does to me! 
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    When you die, it will be your children, not your co-workers, who mourn for you. 
    Funny, I was just talking about this last night with a girlfriend of mine who is also childless, and we agreed that counting on your kids to mourn you (or even come around and visit you in the nursing home) is kind of an iffy proposition. 
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    The death of a grandmother elicits heartfelt eulogies of the foods she lovingly prepared.


  1. How does this tie in with women being disposable bed objects, is the idea to install a baby mama in a nice little house and continue to go out and partay with the slutz? As for the 'who will mourn you?' riff, RoK publishes articles on how to get women to have abortions, in fact all the most visible PUAs bang on about never getting married, never being fathers etc, couldn't alot of this 'Back to the Kitchen' rhetoric be aimed at them?

    The horrid irony here is I personally share some of the sentiments being espoused, about putting family before work, not the sexist bullshit. Both my parents threw a lot into their careers, and got precious little thanks for it by the end. However I think it should be possible to conceive of a 'family comes first' philosophy without simply ejecting women from the workforce, for one thing that would turn all men into wage slaves who never got to see their kids, maintaining a household on one salary is no walk in the park.

  2. What the Manosphereans want in their ideal woman is impossible. They want a beautiful (or at least thin) woman who devotes all her time to childrearing, doing laundry, ironing and keeping her house spotless during the day. Then she cooks healthy meals from scratch that are hot and ready to serve when her husband comes through the door, and then she devotes herself solely to HIS physical needs, all while having perfect hair, makeup and clothes. They've set an impossible standard, and that's why many of them will never be content.


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