Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What's Your Name? Who's Your Daddy?

One of the most cherished delusions of the manosphere is that women "hit the wall" (somewhere at the tail end of their twenties), while men go on and on and on, just getting more deliciously seasoned with age.  Apparently, this may not be true.  According to The Daily Mail, the age at which most men become "invisible" to younger women is 39.  Yep, that's the age at which girls begin to perceive men as "father figures." And who wants to be ogled by Daddy? I mean, like, ee-yewww... 

Roosh himself acknowledged recently that the party doesn't go on forever, even for experts of game:

No matter how good your game gets, a 23-year-old girl will have less primal attraction for your 53-year-old self than when you were 33. This suggests that there is definitely a peak for men, and while there is some argument about the exact age, consensus among men I’ve talked to suggests it’s around 43.

43? When I was 23, I thought 30 was plenty older, and 43 downright "old." But perhaps Roosh has a few good years of chasing nubile young poosy before he has to either "settle" or "sponsor a gold-digger" (which, unless he plans to come into an inheritance, he'll be hard-pressed to do on the slender living he ekes out from hawking his wretched little rape manuals). Hope he's making the best of his time in Russia, cuz any way you slice it, Roosh, it's all downhill from here...


  1. 'hawking his wretched little rape manuals' I love it.

    For my part, the older I get, the more I find older men attractive. At twenty I would never have been attracted to a man in his forties, but now it wouldn't phase me at all.

    It's like when I watch my old Buffy the Vampire Slayer dvds. First time around I had a crush on Xander, but with each passing year Giles just gets hotter.

  2. It's times like these I'm glad I'm pretty much asexual, and that most of my pleasures are more cerebral than carnal (so that, unless I have the misfortune to suffer a debilitating stroke, or contract some vile, dementia-causing disease, I'll be able to enjoy them pretty much until the day I die).

    Another reason I can think of for why older men are invisible to younger women is that plenty of older men just come across as dull (indeed, the prospect of becoming a boring middle-aged man myself is one I find so terrifying that I'm determined to do everything in my power to avoid it). When you look at the average middle-aged schlub, with his so-so looks, bland wardrobe, and boring, unadventurous life, it makes you realize just how ridiculous the Manospherian idea that all men become sex gods as they get older really is. (Another thing that helps disabuse one of this delusion is working in aged care, and seeing what old age can do to men - it's often not pretty.)

    Funnily enough, one thing I've noticed as a metalhead is that a lot of the guys in the bigger name bands I follow are now in their fifties, but still rocking on. Not sure if it gets them any interest from much younger women (though I'd imagine it certainly wouldn't hurt); regardless, though, it's inspiring to see them still getting out there, having fun, and avoiding the aforementioned fate of becoming the boring middle-aged man.

  3. I wrote about the older men/younger women thing on my blog ages ago. It remains the blog post that gets the most hits - and the most number of men screeching at me that I'm just jealous that gorgeous post-40 hunks like them can get young women, any time they want.

    Alas, they can't. Even late 30s is trending fatherly for a woman in her early 20s.

  4. I think it is wish fulfillment. These guys like to believe that every guy turns into a George Clooney. Even then, for someone who is 23, George Clooney is handsome for an old guy...

  5. Once people are fully formed adults, say in their thirties, an age difference of ten years or so either way is not very significant. I had a 27 year old boyfriend when I was forty, and it wasn't that weird except once when a catty waitress remarked to him, "How nice of you to take your mom out to lunch!" On the other hand, I was once approached by a 19 year old when I was forty, and that felt really wrong to me... almost like violating an incest taboo.

    1. I think 10 years is about the maximum workable age difference no matter who is older, the man or the woman. In fully formed adults, two people 10 years apart are still likely to be relatively equally physically fit, to have similar outlooks and shared memories, and to have been formed by similar social forces. I also think that age differences are most meaningful for young adults and for the oldest of adults. A 24 year old has no business with a 14 year old and an 85 year old is most likely too feeble for a 75 year old.

  6. Well I'm glad for one as a 34 year old I have no desire for women in their early 20's. It must feel horrible for men who think attaining them is their only purpose in life. As much as people dislike manospherians, it'd be nice to see some of them snap out of their delusions and quit wasting their lives obsessing about trivial crap.

  7. It is hard for the poor manospherians to shake off their unearned privilege, one that's allowed men for millennia to disregard women's desires and voices. So they cling to the delusion of their increasing attractiveness with age, as though their wrinkles, saggy bod, diminishing energy, and annoying lifetime habits would somehow make them magically attractive in the future, even though they are not attractive now and have not been in their personal past.

    While they screech about how picky (= finally able to choose for themselves) and vain (= choosing whom they find attractive) women are, they are obsessed with their own attractiveness (or lack of it) to women to the exclusion of everything else in life. Reading manospheric blogs, especially those infected with Red Pill idiocy, is like watching "The Idle and Desperate Middle-Aged Househusbands of Anytown, USA." Their penchant for drama is as hysterical as it is unappealing. Even the "rebellious" MGTOW do nothing but bleat on and on about how evil women are and how happy they are to be going (and going, and going) away from them, somehow never able to leave for good.

    But yes, they are all united in this empty hope that, unlike women, their attractiveness increases as they type, with every passing minute of their lives, and every expression of fear and loathing of women they utter. It is a curious, but sad kind of delusion.

    What never occurs to any of them, not once, is that they are being repulsive to women because of their characters, and not because of their looks or other features. Looks-wise, average and below average men everywhere -- men without great wealth or other special distinctions -- create happy and lasting relationships with women. Those men, however, have something that manospherians will never possess as they are incapable of possessing it: those other men like women as people and treat them as people, with respect and consideration given one's equals. Unable to comprehend that mystery, manospherians seek to disparage such men in any way they know (and the typical way they know is by comparing them to women somehow -- the worst insult possible, in their imaginations). And while those decent men who are able to forge good relationships with women indeed tend to get better with age, as all decent people do, gaining compassion and wisdom, the same definitely cannot be said about the permanently emotionally impaired inhabitants of manosphere who prove time and again why they are so undesirable to women (and not only).

    The manospherian noxious blather is nothing but a grandly deluded and strikingly obvious to all reasonable individuals attempt at rationalizing their sexual and social failures by men who are emotionally disturbed, or stunted, and socially maladjusted. That's all there is to it, when one strips away the grandiose pronouncements and other desperately self-serving nonsense.

  8. Manosphereans love to say "Nature doesn't care," when addressing women's objections to older men's "natural preference" for very young (i.e., highly fertile) women. What these simpletons forget to address is the flip side -- older men's defective fertility. Nature indeed does not care:

    Sorry, Roosh, but your cherished manhood is about to take a dive.


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