Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Call Me! We'll Do Lunch!

It seems that folks in Hollywood are paying attention to the manosphere, as well they should: A person couldn't find a richer vein of dramatic inspiration to tap. Talk about the dark underbelly of the American psyche! Simmering resentments, mysteries, feuds, fascinating back stories, loads of sexual shame and fantasy, and a pervading sense that at any moment all hell will break loose. You couldn't dream up a crazier cast of characters, and they write their own dialogue, so think what producers will save on screenwriters. 

Sunshine Mary and her husband the Holy Hand Grenade could carry an entire weekly sitcom by themselves. (Some episodes they would have two daughters; some episodes they would have five; audiences love "inside" jokes.) The ladies from Return of Queens could play SSM's trailer trash cousins, popping in to deliver casseroles and pious homilies at crucially inopportune moments. Dalrock is the minister of SSM's congregation, of course, but he's got some dark secrets, not least of which nobody has actually seen his wife in years, although he continually refers to her in the most exalting terms.  

Paul Elam (AVFM) is the corrupt mayor who rules the town with an iron fist. Those who cross him tend to disappear mysteriously. Citing his "compassion for men and boys," he insists on leading the Boy Scout troop; the residents are bullied into signing up their sons despite their apprehensions. Dean Esmay is his bumbling, sycophantic police chief who claims to have been abducted by aliens and is secretly in love with his AA sponsor. Karen Straughan is his tough-talking deputy and minder. Janet Bloomfield is Elam's PR Chief, the villainous who lords it over the other Honey Badgers at City Hall and has half the menfolk in her thrall. She's also a loose cannon. She butts heads with the town librarian (a bluestocking post-marital spinster, of course), and scandalizes everyone by calling all the high school teachers, regardless of gender or girth, "fat feminist whores." What transpires when one of the PUAs seduces her teenage daughter will be the first season cliff-hanger.

Danger & Play is the athletic club. The manager supplements his income selling testosterone under the counter. A lot of the town lotharios hang out there, sometimes pumping iron, but more often gathering at the juice bar, swapping tips on how to "bang" the local hotties. (When one intrepid girl has the gumption to challenge the "no ladies hours" policy, she is threatened with rape; fortunately, a chivalrous beta comes to her rescue, and their ensuing tender romance becomes one of the ongoing subplots.) We get to follow the "game boys" on some of their club adventures; lots of humor and pathos to be found in the way they spin the reality of their various encounters or their lives at home in their moms' basements.

Well, you get the picture. There's a reason series like "Peyton Place" and "Desperate Housewives" ran so long. There's a reason some people are "hooked" on the manosphere. People love these kinds of melodramas. There is nothing more entertaining, or reassuring, than watching people whose lives are even more dysfunctional than our own. In fact, this idea is such a winner I'm almost reluctant to share it. But I'm totally cool with collaborating with others in the anti-anti-feminist community.

The question is casting. Who to cast in these meaty roles?

We will need strong character actors the likes of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jon Lovitz, who played passive-aggressive misogynists so brilliantly in Todd Solondz's "Happiness," a movie I positively loved, and most of my friends positively loathed. (Warning: extremely dark humor and definitely NSFW!)


  1. Cinzia, great post! I think a lot of people don't like Happiness because of the pedophilia storyline.
    That said, you should definitely try your hand at scriptwriting. The MRAs and FeMRAs supply plenty of good material.

  2. LMAO!

    Agree with the Anon above, awesome post, Cinzia! (Great Anons think alike. ;))

    So true that no one does soap-opera-ish "Desperate Housewivey" histrionics like the manurespherians. I'm still new to their world (although I wish I were never introduced to it) and my astonishment grows with every new manurespherian discovery.

    The pious Christian sluts turned submissive wives, hysterically shaming everyone who even remotely reminds them of themselves, are probably the most memorable characters, if only because of the blinding glare of their hypocrisy.

    All those pious Christians who froth at their mouths with rage and denied lust, and spew hatred in the name of God, remind me of this painting by Bosch:,_Ghent)#mediaviewer/File:Jheronimus_Bosch_or_follower_001.jpg

    If we find actors who look like the characters in that painting, we'll have half of Dalrock's commentariat covered.

    I do have some casting ideas:
    For JudgyBitch, I'd suggest Sandra Bernhard.
    SSM should be played by Courtney Love, and her alpha hubby by Paul Giamatti.
    Dalrock -- Steve Buscemi (too nice?). Maybe Neal McDonough then -- younger and creepier.
    Deti -- Jason Alexander.
    Dean Esmay -- Pruitt Taylor Vince.
    Karen Straughn -- Kevin Bacon.
    Paul Elam -- Donald Sutherland.
    Warren Farrell -- also Donald Sutherland.

    Jon Lovitz can definitely play any Dalrockian -- his inherent sliminess translates so well into any of the characters there.

    Oh, this is exciting!

    1. Love your suggestions, especially Jason Alexander for Deti. That's exactly how I imagine him. He's always spouting on and on about how women need to keep their weight down, which leads me to believe he's let himself go and is projecting his own insecurities.

      I like the SSM suggestion, too. I picture her as being a bit rough around the edges after everything the Hand Grenade has put her through. I miss her blog, though. It was highly entertaining.

      I follow her on Twitter, but it's not the same. No religious rants, or tweets about spanking. But she's still bashing feminists and sluts, now with an unhealthy dose of racism and homophobia added to the mix.

      I have a feeling she'll be blogging again soon. She's been leaving comments all over Dalrock's blog and she's mentioned that she's purchased a home with lots of acres in the country. Maybe, she'll become a prepper blogger----one of those fundamentalist bloggers who are stashing tons of ammunition and canned food for Armageddon and teach their readers how to do the same.

    2. You know that Deti is as ugly as his words.

      His signature song:

      "I'm a little creepot, short and stout,
      Here are my handles, here... wait -- where's my spout?
      Anyone's seen my spout?
      A good submissive wife would find her husband's spout at least twice a day, without any difficulty, even if it's hidden between the folds and folds of handles. But there's no good submissive wife material left in the US...." Aaand let the rant commence.

      With the casting mostly done, we can focus on developing the series. Maybe the first episode should be "SSM and The Cock Carousel"? Kinda an introduction to the whole theme, with a nice stroll down the memory lane.

    3. I see Courtney Love as Judgy Bitch myself. Never mind, definitely a role for Courtney Love somewhere. This could be her big come back vehicle.

    4. I think Courtney Love is more suited to play JB...SSM could be played by Nicole Kidman or Cameron Diaz or Katherine Norland? Maybe even Sandra Bullock? Having seen what HHG looks like I think he should be played by someone a little better looking than Paul Giamatti...Pierce Brosnan? LOL

    5. I dunno... SSM looks like she was ridden hard and put away wet. Courtney Love has that look, too. Kidman, Diaz, and Bullock are too innocent for her. Norland, maybe -- she also exudes the cold b**** vibe so characteristic of SSM, but is too pretty. Felicity Huffman perhaps? Hm.

      Same with Brosnan, too good-looking, suave -- and smart. It has to be someone who does not mind being married to a manipulative harpy like SSM, and Brosnan does not fit the type; he'd be out the door in no time. We are talking about a sleazy kind of hapless dufus, IMO -- Adam Sandler comes to mind, but he's too young.

      Or maybe all these folks should just play themselves on reality TV, which is kinda what they are already doing, so it wouldn't be much of a stretch.

    6. What about William H. Macy for SSM's husband?

    7. First, I would totally watch this. And second, your casting suggestions are dead on!

  3. Felicity Huffman as SSM...I never thought of that. That's a good choice. But William H Macy (who's Huffman's hubby IRL) as HHG? I can't imagine him as a husband who cheated on his wife thirty times.

    1. I can't either. But stupidity and desperation can drive a man to terrible things (as we saw with Macy's character in "Fargo"), and being married to SSM does require stupidity and leads to desperation, so maybe he'd be a good choice after all.

  4. Oh BTW Adam Sandler isn't too young to play HHG- he's 47.

    1. Great. Then it's settled. ;)

      Sandler will bring the requisite intelligence (ha ha) and charm (hee hee), necessary for the role of SSM's husband.

      There has to be a role for Christopher Walken somewhere there, too. One of the older manuspherian "gents," who impresses with his repulsive weirdness. And, oh, John Malkovich! How could we forget? He reeks of misogynist sociopathy. It would be a shame to waste such a natural talent.

    2. Either Walken or Malkovich would be great as Dalrock.

    3. LOL! Yes. And eewww...

  5. Speaking of misogynist sociopathy, after a recent, um, romp through the manuresphere it occurred to me that the Red Pill "wisdom" and its self-anointed priests are nothing else but examples of inter-male competition for power and status within a deviant segment of male population.

    Manurespherians are by and large comprised of men who are rejected by women because of their psychological defects (including autism, and sociopathic and narcissistic personality disorders). The more clever sociopaths (and/or narcissists) among them have created this laughable set of rationalizations for their social failures called Red Pill and organized it into a semi-systematic "wisdom" (irrational and full of massive holes, but that never stopped any cult members from joining it), which appeals to other rejects.

    Notice that sociopathic narcissists like Roosh, Roissy, Rollo, Dalrock, Vox Day and others do not amount to anything in the society at large as they have nothing to contribute to it. So they seek and/or create an alternate reality for themselves, not unlike gang and cult leaders, where they can be kings, with all the power this status bestows on them.

    The problem is, as always, that those sociopaths on top peddle this "wisdom" to the naive (young, angry, autistic), who follow them unquestioningly. Thus they amass followers and gain status and power within this community of social deviants, damaging lives of those who are not clever enough to see what's going on.

    They are boosted and reinforced in their deviant beliefs by the supportive presence of women who are obviously mentally unwell (as they have to be), which in their minds shows that Red Pill works. Women's presence, in one way or another, is necessary to support any deviant male group (gang, cult, etc.), as it helps boost the group leaders' status and legitimize its philosophy.

    1. But what is the diagnosis for why WTF Price is the way he is? Recently re-married to a 'feminist', bitter as ever, angry as ever, angry at his ex.

      I knew he loves complaining about how divorce and the court screwed him over, but I wonder he he was a shitty person all along... or if the divorce just caused him to turn shitty

    2. Wow, seriously? What woman, much less a feminist (or even "feminist") would marry him? Do you have more info?

      I think these guys are shitty all along and that's why they end up divorced. In my experience with normal (i.e., not pathologically hateful) divorced folks, they do not turn the trauma of divorce into justification for loathing the entire gender. The bitterness, if present, is directed at the ex, and does not turn into hatred of all women or men.

    3. She is a Latvian woman. I think she may have been a MOB but I'm not sure

    4. I found this info in the very good piece about MRA by R. Tod Kelly from "Daily Beast:"

      "It is a balmy summer afternoon in Seattle as I sit down to share a pizza with W.F. Price and his new bride, Michelle.

      Price runs his own MRM on-line magazine, The Spearhead, which both compliments and competes with AV4M.

      Price is well known and respected throughout the MRM—and, in a twist that makes one want to phone a movie producer to pitch Hollywood’s next big RomCom, Michelle Price turns out to be that most unexpected of matches for The Spearhead’s fiery publisher: an outspoken, self-described feminist.

      “I’ve never said I’m not married,” says Price when I ask him how his readers are going to take the news that he has settled down into a happy domestic life with the enemy. “I think I’ve left it easy to read between the lines that I’m involved with a woman, even if I’ve never come out and said I’m married, so… who knows?”"

      I can't imagine a normal woman marrying a misogynist of that (or any) order. The (Red Pill) women who voluntarily end up partnered with women-haters, like GeishaKate or Emma the Emo, have serious psychological issues, including self-hatred and unstable identity, which are apparent in their writings and life stories. I suspect Mrs. Price is no different in that respect, even though she describes herself as feminist (whatever that means in her interpretation).

      Often loneliness and abject desperation drives women into arms of misogynists and other abusers, who always want women in their lives -- for sex, if nothing else -- no matter how much they despise them as people (or less than people).

      Lonely desperation + psychological issues = a marriage made in misogynist heaven.

    5. I do think Эмма has issues she should address, but at the same time I wouldn't be surprised if the relationship was not overtly abusive. Her blog screams personal issues but dosent suggest much in terms of an abusive or even asshole SO. That said, her SO still seems seriously angry even after meeting her. He's mentioned that he would go crazy if she left him and he was incel again. That's not directly abusive but does have a creepy, blackmail-eye element to it. 'Don't leave me or I'll snap/go crazy/etc'

      I do really like her artwork though. She's talented :)

      Thought this was a good piece:

      Ps sorry for the Cyrillic. I'm a bit paranoid about brigading :p

    6. That -- gunlord500's -- is a very good piece indeed, Cyrillic Anon.

      One of the most salient points in it:

      "It’s hard to tell for sure, but it’s reasonable to suspect Emma has merely delayed his violent outburst, not stopped it before it began. He may well snap in the future and make her his first victim."


      She is a deeply troubled young woman who, like Charles Manson's new bride, does not fully understand what she's gotten herself into, so happy she is to finally belong to a man, any man, and find some semblance of "love" and stability which were clearly missing in her early life. But she's playing with fire. I hope she comes to her senses and finds a healthier way to live before it's too late for her. Her SO is a psychopath and proud of it, while she keeps finding ways to deny it ("oh, he just said some controversial things, but did not mean them, blah blah"). A dangerous self-delusion on her part.

      BTW, it was disgusting to see those lecherous men on Just4Guys praising her "empathy" for sexing an angry incel. And like any desperate self-hating woman, she ate it up, not realizing that -- pardon my frankness -- as long as you spread your legs for them, they will "praise" you, even though they see you as less than human.

      Well, she's not the first and won't be the last to fall for this.

    7. What adds to the disgust factor in the responses of J4G commenters to Emma the Emo's piece is the fact that all of them, without exception, constantly bitch about women -- all women, everywhere -- falling for bad guys.

      Here they had an example of an obviously troubled young woman who indeed fell for a bad guy -- a classic psychopath, no less -- but they praised her choice to high heaven, completely oblivious to the fact that she did one of the worst things they themselves accuse women of all the time. There was their chance to show at least some cognitive consistency (ha, yes, I know) and, at the minimum, to point this out.

      What's worse is that many of these men have daughters, some Emma's age. That they would see her choice as commendable shows an astounding level of empathy-free callousness.

    8. One thing that confuses me is that she is supposedly all about equality, yet associates with people who are anything but. She supposedly cares about men, but I never see her associate with any legitimate men's groups that, you know, actually help men. Or women, for that matter.

      She's also much easier on her criticisms of the manuresphere than others. It's like she'll often lightly criticize than brush off heinous manospherean acts, but were a 'feminist' to do the same thing I'm are she'd be much harsher.

      Plus... Her bf is so weird that he supposedly cares about men yet Denies that male rape victims exist. Some men's right guy he is :/ and what a self centered twat.

      I wonder if her story of immigrating from poverty in Russia to Norway at 12 has anything to do with anything?

    9. No doubt that her troubled childhood has played a role. It is rather obvious that she did not receive much love and nurturing growing up, and her beliefs and behavior also suggest a possible history of abuse.

      It is sad to see her continue relieving the past pain in such a problematic relationship, but what can you do? Sometimes, terrible as it sounds, this is what's necessary for our growth, although the price of such learning can be very steep for some.

      I just hope that she, first, manages to stay alive, and, second, becomes stronger with time and able to make better choices for herself. She's clearly a bright and talented young woman, but also as clearly quite troubled.

      As for him, well -- what is there to say? What he is, is obvious and obviously no good. It is impossible to find one redeeming feature there (although she believes otherwise, oy). I suppose the fact that he does not abuse her (yet? as far as we know) may count as a redeeming feature of sorts, all things considered. But, oy.

    10. This post in particular really made me... Well, I don't know what do say :/

      Я надеюсь что она хорошо...

    11. That comment section :/

    12. That's too sad to even snark about.

  6. "Notice that sociopathic narcissists like Roosh, Roissy, Rollo, Dalrock, Vox Day and others do not amount to anything in the society at large as they have nothing to contribute to it. So they seek and/or create an alternate reality for themselves, not unlike gang and cult leaders, where they can be kings, with all the power this status bestows on them."
    You could definitely say the same about the FeMRAs like JB, Karen Straughn and SSM. And they know exactly what they're doing- reinforcing the self-pity and arrogance of MRAs in order to fulfill their own need for validation.

    1. Yes.

      What we know about cults and other deviant ideology-based groups applies very much to the manuresphere, specifically its Red Pill offshoot. It is no different from, for instance, Scientology, in terms of its insulation from reality, adherence to made-up principles and beliefs, and vicious hostility to any rational outside influences that could possibly threaten its existence.

      Almost all cults are made by and for men, but the presence of women in them, in auxiliary roles, is essential since it brings in new (male) followers and solidifies their leaders' status -- if they can bring in women (and especially if they can convince those women to have sex with them) it elevates their position in the eyes of male followers; this is particularly important in a cult that, like Red Pill, is focused on obtaining sex from women, as it "proves" that its ideological principles are "sound."

      Of course what this particular cult's followers do not notice, being emotionally blind and socially inept (and/or isolated), is that only mentally unhealthy women are drawn into it. In terms of their psychological make-up, Red Pill women are no different from the groupies of serial killers. The self-loathing and self-debasement serving, among other things, as mechanisms by which they ingratiate themselves with these men and from which they derive a sense of personal power, are no different in JB, KS, and SSM than in the newest bride of Charles Manson or GFs of an urban gang leader.

    2. The scary part is that these cult leaders and FeMRAs blend in with the rest of society. Those that we've seen photos of --- SSM, JB, Matt F ---- look like the kind of people I run into every day in my ordinary middle-class town.

      I doubt their neighbors and co-workers have any idea about the toxic stuff they're penning behind closed doors.

      Interestingly, I live in town that's popular with college kids and has lots of rental properties so my neighbors change frequently. When someone new moves in, I'll usually google their name out of curiosity. Sometimes nothing will pop up, but other times, I'll find out that someone was arrested for a DUI or petty drug crime. Could you imagine how appalled the neighbors of bloggers like Matt or SSM would be if they did a little sleuthing?

  7. Hey, thanks for the link love above, glad you liked my piece. That said, I'll go to bat for the Danger and Play guy, he's actually one of the few "manosphere" writers I like. Though we don't agree on everything, he's much, much more focused on self-improvement and positivity than the typical Chicken Little manodrone. I can certainly understand if you don't agree with him on a lot of things either, but as far as I know his character is impeachable.

    1. I'm guessing you probably wanted to say that his character is impeccable, gunlord500.

      But people with impeccable characters do not associate with the manuresphere any more than they would with NAMBLA or KKK.

      Alas, your Freudian slip inadvertently told the truth. :)

    2. I wanted to say impeccable, yeah XD Wish Blogspot let you edit comments.

      But people with impeccable characters do not associate with the manuresphere any more than they would with NAMBLA or KKK.

      He's actually disassociated himself from those guys; in fact he wrote a great post about them that elucidates perfectly some of the bigger problems in that scene:

      TL;DR: The manosphere's full of frauds and losers and spends too much time whining about nonsense instead of doing anything positive. If he could figure that out, as far as I'm concerned he's okay in my book.

    3. He's sure rushed to the defense of Roosh V. (against Tucker Max's "lies"). That doesn't seem like someone who is disassociating himself from "those guys." I have problems with anyone who is uncritically pushing health products of dubious value (i.e., testosterone, juicing) but hey, everyone's got to make a buck.

    4. I don't think you are correct, gunlord500, about D&P's "impeccable character" or his disassociation with the manuresphere.

      Even apart from his most recent rush to Roosh's defense, a cursory review of his site and work seriously undermines the "impeccable character" impression.

      This is a man who, for example, spreads lies about date rape ("Fifty-percent of date rape cases are outright false."), gives rapists ideas about how to defend... um, protect themselves from rape accusations; helps undermine expert witness testimony in child sex abuse cases (see his legal writing contributions); believes Elliot Rodger was not a misogynist; calls women "chicks," and peddles the alpha-beta nonsense.

      And his "philosophy," if one can call it that, sounds like a caricature of an adolescent's exuberance upon discovering Nietzsche's writings: -- full of sound and pomposity, but signifying nothing beyond self-indulgence and, frankly, silliness ("The highest form of intelligence is instinct and the greatest expression of masculinity is will." -- well, the first part does not even make sense, much less is truthful; and the second, apart from also being just an expression of wishful thinking, has a strong whiff of egocentric blindness and, to those of us old to remember history, of the Nazis' political religion).

      Unless a definition of "impeccable character" has changed dramatically when I wasn't looking, this young man is not a good representative of such, so far. You are a reasonable chap, judging by your writings, so I hope you'd see that.

    5. P.S. D&P's "insights" about women are laughable (he sounds as though he's 16 and may not have met a human woman yet -- which I know is not true, as he must be at least 21, and he does mention a GF somewhere).

      Here's the sample of his wisdom about women:

      "As a man, you are meeting a woman’s two deepest needs: You are saving her from boredom and anxiety.

      1. Women get bored easily.

      They don’t like to be alone.
      They can’t occupy their time.
      “Me time” for a girl means going to a spa and iPhone/chatting with girlfriends.
      Rarely does a woman “retreat into the wilderness” to meditate on life alone.
      Group work is a product of a feminized education and work culture.
      Men retreat into the mountains and need solitude.
      Women would rather have danger than boredom.
      A woman is the “most dangerous plaything,” but a man must provide danger and play for a woman.

      Now some will say, “Misogyny!” The truth is that men are pretty boring and pathetic, too.

      That’s why men like me do well with women. Masculine men are different from the typical feminized Western man and thus can meet the needs of feminine women.

      2. Women get anxious.

      They have trouble focusing.
      Schopenhauer: On Women.
      This is hormonal, based on biological differences involving estrogen.
      Testosterone gives men focus. Women have a lower testosterone level than men.
      They are naturally smaller and therefore more fearful of the world.
      Embodied consciousness.
      A man’s primary job is to lead. If you do not lead your woman, you are not a man.

      You make all of the major decisions.
      Women reach decision fatigue more quickly than men.
      You provide purpose, direction, and motivation.
      A man’s job is to lead.
      If she’s fussy, do your own thing.
      Women and men are different. Understand the gender differences and you will succeed with women.

      I mean... seriously. What a big mess. Could he be any more stereotypical -- and Red Pill-ishly wrong? There is zero evidence for most of his claims. "Testosterone gives men focus"? Huh... And here in the neuropsych world, we've all erroneously believed, based on all the research data we have, that it is mainly dopamine, which is not gender-specific. The more we know... ;)

      This young man needs to step out of his head and start seeing reality as is, and not as he imagines it to be. BTW, learning about women from Schopenhauer is as useful as learning about men from, oh, Dworkin, I'd say.

      To his credit -- and I see where you've probably gotten the impression of his "impeccable" character -- he tries hard to distance himself from the typical manurespheric losers, and does not indulge pointless whining. But he should not be dispensing advice to vulnerable young men, especially about women (but not only).

      D&P's mix of reasonableness and silliness, with the predominance of the latter, is a good example for all young (and not only) men (and not only) why they should not follow advice of assorted Internet gurus and quacks, but do the hard work, including research, on their own, using reputable sources and keeping in mind that there are no magic formulas and easy solutions to life's problems.

  8. OMG that was LOL worthy. I really try not to engage in negative thoughts about people, but sometimes you just do need to laugh about it.

    PS: I deny being a self-hater. In fact, I think I love myself far too much. Wait a minute...;)

    But, seriously, that was an interesting link to the Daily Beast. Regardless of what anyone in the sphere thinks of Price's marriage, it gives him credibility in the outside world. I feel quite certain his wife is a "normal" woman. And despite what anyone else may speculate, my own relationship is about as innocent and far from abuse as one can get. Neither one of us would put up with anything less.

    1. Glad to read that, Kate. Can we hire you as a consultant on the show?

    2. :)

      Hahaha! Hmm, that does sound tempting. How about some sort of intervention/match-making show where manosphere participants end up in happy relationships. It could be called "Escape from the Manosphere."

    3. There is no proof, though, that manurespherians ever manage to escape. You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave, as evidence shows.

  9. Young Malkovich as Dalrock would be great; we may have to put a wig on his head to restore him to his earlier, er, glory:,,20712079_20509776_20988435,00.html

    He is exactly as repulsive as needed, so much so that his own wife -- if she exists -- avoids touching him.

    This repulsiveness is a common bond among Dalrockians who, unable to inspire their wives to have sex with them, posts those endless Bible-flavored exhortations about wifely submission and duty sex -- and the necessity of gamely dread to compel it, if needed (now that that beating and raping one's wife is frowned upon -- oh, those pesky, misandrist laws of the modern society...)

    It is painfully obvious that duty sex (the only possible kind) for a poor Dalrockian wife must be as pleasurable as a root canal.

  10. Malkovich? He has too much gravitas to play dippy Dalrock. As far as playing dangerous/crazy, he’s the real deal; D-Rock is a yappy little terrier hiding behind his gun collection and his charts and diagrams (“the chart shows — women are SLUTZ!")

    May I propose Rainn Wilson calling on his Dwight Schrute character? That stern beetle-brow! The haircut!
    He’s the right age (early forties) and has the pomposity and anal retentiveness (charts! diagrams! more charts!) combined with total cluelessness about human relationships.

    1. YES! Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) is perfection, perfection, I tellz ya!

      Despite his inherent creepiness, Malkovich is too strong and straightforward for Dalrock, who indeed reminds one of a cowardly yappy terrier that barks the loudest from behind the thickest fence.

      My casting hat's off to you, Katz. So many times watching "The Office" I thought how the clueless, pompous Dwight exemplified the New Misogyny (and let's just say that I had a few Dalrock's regulars in particular to "favorably" compare).

      This suggestion settles it, I think. Now, depending on Cinzia's schedule and other minor details, we may start filming any day.

      BTW, to think of it, other characters / actors from "The Office" may be useful here as well (Creed Bratton, David Koechner).

      And I'm not sure at the moment whether Kevin Bacon is well cast as Karen Straughan -- Bacon just seems too nice. Maybe Kiefer Sutherland would be a better choice, especially since he's probably looking for a job, now that "24 + 12" is finally over (or is it...)

  11. Who will play Roosh? I haven't any idea. But I do insist that an Indian actor be cast in the role.

    1. Not Indian, but maybe Joaquin Phoenix?

  12. This guy could do it - he’s got he Rooshy eyebrows!

    He was in the movie “3 Idiots” which I recommend if you haven’t seen it.


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