Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Judgy Bitch Needs You!

Since Sunshine Mary has been run off the internet -- at least for the moment -- Janet Bloomfield AKA Judgy Bitch is the clear runner up for the title of First Lady of the Manosphere.  She is the MRA version of Ann Coulter: blonde, outrageous, racist, and as dumb as a box of rocks (but a whole lot louder).

Here she is, in her position of Social Media Director (!) of AVfM's upcoming conference in Detroit, raising funds for the additional security she claims Doubletree Inn has demanded as a result of "feminist threats." The jury is still out as to whether the letter from Doubletree that she produces is genuine, but many are inclined to believe it is a fraud designed to extract more money from deluded MRM supporters to line the pockets of Paul Elam and his curious cabinet.

I haven't seen any credible evidence of "death threats" although obviously if there were any I would want the authorities to investigate them seriously. Trust me, the last thing I want is for some MRA to enjoy martyrdom at the hands of a non-MRA.

But do "feminists" want to "silence" the MRM? 

On one hand, I'll admit I DO silence Janet Bloomfield in the sense that after about fifteen seconds of her snarky, grating, affected delivery I have to turn the audio off. I can't watch Typhonblue for a different reason, one which I will not disclose for fear of being accused of being an "ableist" (sorry, I'm a very imperfect feminist).

I don't want to silence the MRM. I want to criticize them, mock them, and expose them for the assholes and aberrations they generally are. 

And speaking strictly for myself, I welcome all the attention MRM is getting from the mainstream media. For over a year I've been running around like Chicken Little warning people about these loonies, but I'm afraid they thought I was just a bit demented myself for paying them any mind. The bigger the platform these people get, the better: the more their cracked ideology is exposed to the general public, the more quickly and decisively their "human rights movement" is revealed for what it is. It won't be radical feminists who bring down the MRM. Exposed to the strong sunlight of mainstream attention, they will melt down on their own.


  1. Is Alison Tieman actually *crying in that video? I'm flummoxed.

  2. Wait, who got run off the Internet?

  3. Well... I used to agree with the sentiment of exposing dark shit to sunlight so they would wither. But I don't think that necessarily happens. For example, in my home country the current dominant political party(a somewhat Islamic one) got exposed with voice recordings that showed they kept some illegitimate money, bought off some of the main news agencies, had members that openly mocked religion (I'm not opposed to it, but mind you this is a party that uses religion as a tactic), they were being bribed by some businessmen, they had all sorts of affairs with escorts etc going on (again, not necessarily opposed to it). The result of these voice recordings being published? They won local elections as the major party. %47 of the country voted in favor of them.

    What I'm trying to say is, you can't really count on the majority to be sensible. Considering what they and the general manosphere preach isn't that far from what people like hardcore Christians believe, they will find a lot of friends. Even though what they preach is hateful and most of the time provably untrue and illogical, they won't necessarily wither easily.

    1. Perhaps my optimism is based on living in the PNW, a liberal and relatively godless bastion. But no, the fact that 99% of manosphere participants live in fear of being doxxed tells me that they know their ideas are abhorrent to the majority of men and women.

  4. I watched a bit of the video. Interesting tactic they're taking - they're using the 'humanize the hostage' approach that FBI videos use when some person has been abducted. Try and show the victim as a 'real human being'. In a funny way, it's a tactic that's all of a piece with their general paranoia.

    OK, let's take everything they say at face value. They're running a conference and they've been hit with a big security bill because quasi-terrorists have threatened them. Appalling stuff.

    An effective way to deal with this is to 1. focus on what they were going to talk about:

    "We have called in experts from all over the US to discuss the plight of boys and men. We're discussing ways to solve the problems nobody else is talking about, like male rape in prison. Did you know that xxx number of prisoners are raped every day in prisons that are paid for by your tax dollars? Are you happy about that? We're not and we're determined to seek justice blah blah."

    2. They should say something about the Doubletree staff. "These are just ordinary people going about their job. Yet the terrorists hate us so much, they're apparently prepared to kill or maim innocent bystanders. That's why we're raising money - not just for our own conference, but to keep these people safe."

    But they don't do any of those normal things that civil rights groups do. They just go " our enemies are big meanies. I'm a real person! Look at me! Don't let these amorphous, evil baddies shut me up! Even though I'm here talking, right this minute!"

    It's also telling that they've put a woman in charge of their PR act. They often hide behind women, as though having a female will give them legitimacy they can't get on their own. Again, weird. What civil rights movement fails to use its own spokespeople to represent themselves? The reason they\re doing it, of course, is because they're well aware of how tainted their organization is, so they're trying to dial down the alarm by showing how female friendly they really are.


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