Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Emma Howland-Bolton Slandered

Courtesy of mancheez, I learn of a young teacher named Emma Howland-Bolton who has been targeted for harassment and slander by Paul Elam and his goon squad at A Voice for Men.  Her "crime?" Encouraging others to protest the "First Annual Conference on Men's Issues" at the Doubletree Inn in Emma's home city of Detroit. 

I don't know Emma personally, but from what I can glean she is an elementary school teacher who is locally recognized for passion and excellence in the classroom, and who has hitherto spoken out against the closing of public libraries in her area.  She apparently does not want to see her city host a hate group featuring such "Red Pill" luminaries as Stefan Molyneux, and has lightly mocked them on Facebook.  Yes, folks, that's all it takes: make a few innocuous remarks criticizing the notoriously misogynistic "Men's Rights Movement" on Facebook and you too can expect a campaign immediately mounted to smear your name online and harass your employer with phone calls from anonymous loonies.  Note that Men's Rights Activists can only plant their slimy posts on the first page of Google results if their victim's "presence" online is limited (which is to say, she is an ordinary, private citizen).


  1. It's a crappy thing to happen, but here's the good news: that 'open letter' is so long winded and tedious, my eyes glazed over and I couldn't finish reading it. Therefore I have no idea what they are accusing her of, and nor do I care. It's just a boring rant from nut jobs.

  2. Actually, the death threats against the men's issues group was the problem. The fact that she was the primary organizer of the protest and just sat without saying a word against them was what the letter is about.

    Which you'd know if you'd read the article. Which you didn't because you just read an idiotic hack and took her word for gospel.

    1. I haven't seen any credible evidence of death threats, and I certainly fail to see how if there were, Emma was responsible for them.

    2. Both you people and the MRM bloggers are trash. You both have nothing to say, except to each other, and often in high-pitched screeching. I can't imagine that anyone who really cares about equality, humanistic values, and, well, just people, would spend 10 minutes listening to either side of this made-up "debate."

    3. Who are you referring to as "you people?" It's just me here, I assure you, and I speak strictly for myself. (If you hear any screeching in the background, that's just my parrot.) Anyway, thanks for stopping by and taking an anonymous dump in my own little rubbish bin on the internet.


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