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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The (Literal) War Between the Sexes

I was idly browsing the comments in Roosh V todayIt was the familiar topic of how poorly the charms of American women compare to those of Eastern European women.   Ho-hum.  Roosh is doing a lot of recycling these days.  The fans themselves seemed a bit weary of the subject, like they were just going through the motions.  

However, one young man (I assume) did write something that stuck in my head all afternoon, to the effect (and I paraphrase here) that he really wished American women would get with the program, figure out how much they were hated, and start making themselves more pleasing "before civil war breaks out."  

Now it's not uncommon for these guys to propose, uhm, forceful means to resolve their frustration, i.e., a Spearhead post not long ago calling for the sexual enslavement of single mothers, or gathering up all the fat girls into forced labor camps to work off those unsightly extra pounds, or that poor Incel guy who wants "the government" to require pay women to go out with him.  I suppose forcefully imposing their collective will on more than half the population doesn't seem that far out to them (as long as they don't factor in all those beta and omega men who would surely balk at seeing their female relatives, friends and colleagues carted off).   

Roosh himself has hinted rather darkly that "things" were reaching some sort of tipping point; that "things" were going to get "uglier" in the near future.

Actually, I've run across a lot of similarly ominous warnings from the online misogynists.  The following is plucked from The Spearhead in January 2010:  "May your words provoke a reaction.  I grow impatient for the coming war." 

And then I was introduced by No More Mr. Nice Guy to Eivind Berge's blog, wherein he declares "Feminism versus MRA is an irreconcilable difference that can only be resolved by violence."   

Berge was recently charged with inciting violence by Norwegian authorities, but the charges have been droppedIn the process, however, his sanity was brought into question by nearly everyone he knew, an understandably harrowing experience that he describes in Kafkaesque detail -- but which leaves this reader pretty much convinced he is indeed one crazy barrel of lutefisk possibly brilliant but definitely disturbed individual.  

This ordeal, and the resulting sense of betrayal from Berge's point of view, led him to "repudiate" his own family, a familiar theme with other MRAs.  Sooner or later, their misogyny drives everyone away, and destroys all intimacy... they get increasingly isolated... their mental disorders get worse and more entrenched...

I'm not sure whether to laugh, cry, or buy myself a shotgun.  Where are these gathering storm clouds but in their own fevered imaginations?  And what would this final showdown look like?  I mean, where would the battle lines be drawn and what would their tactics be?  And what would the final outcome be?  It sounds like the premise of a really awful sci-fi movie.  Or a video game perhaps?

Although I'd like to dismiss all this as adolescent bluster and blowing off steam, I'll admit this kind of talk makes me uneasy, and I hope that the SPLC continues to monitor these websites carefully.  

Update:  I read today that radio host Pete Santilli announced on the air, "I want to shoot Hilary Clinton in the vagina."