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Saturday, February 15, 2014

And Yet We Outlive Men!

Over at the Inner Sanctum of Il Douche, "Scorpion" weighs in on a female writer I haven't heard about for decades.  (Scorpion is an enthusiastic participant there, having posted over 1300 comments in three years.)  Scorpion is in a state of high dudgeon over author Elizabeth Wurtzel.  If you don't recognize the name, don't feel bad.  Her only main claim to fame is her 1994 best-seller, Prozac Nation, which no one references any more because... Hello! It's now 2014!  (Although, to be fair, a lot of folks are still taking Prozac.)   

"She really is completely obsessed with herself," he fumes.  And you know what, Scorpion?  I couldn't agree more:  Wurtzel is one female writer to whom the manosphere's favorite descriptors of women -- that they are "narcissistic" and "solipsistic" -- fairly apply.  

I remember having a go at Prozac Nation when it was first published, while visiting my sister.  She had thoughtfully left it on the night table for me as a little bedtime reading, but within the first chapter, I found myself disliking the author so much that I had to plod into the living room to find an old National Geographic to nod off to instead.

Scorpion continues:  "Women literally go insane if they don't have the stability of a man in their life, or the purpose provided by motherhood. They just lose themselves in their own minds, overcome by their solipsism. Without a husband and children, the middle-aged and beyond a woman literally has no purpose for existence. She is just sort of there, consuming resources for her own enjoyment."

As I take in those last two lines, I take in the bitter reality of my own wasted life.

Because I have to admit, this has been one day like countless others when I haven't accomplished a damn thing beyond getting my nails done and making an impressive dent in the Valentine's Day chocolate my sweetie presented me with yesterday.

And I'm clean out of Prozac.
"This ultimately leads to extreme self-loathing, which this woman is undoubtedly experiencing... Once the last of her looks fade, she will literally be left with nothing but cats, wine and memories of her youthful whoredom."  

It then occurs to me that a glass of blackberry wine would be just the thing to finish off my chocolate orgy.  I'll first have to kick my way through a pack of sleeping hounds to reach the kitchen though: 

"Another wasted life. Another victim of feminism."