Friday, January 30, 2015

Interview With A Troll

Lindy West interviewed one of her most hateful trolls on This American Life. I found this very moving.


  1. I read about this. It is interesting the way that the internet enables us to interact with people we read about. Once upon a time people just sent hate mail, now they do this.
    It's reassuring that at least one person was able to take a step back and realize they were doing something wrong to a real person.

  2. Wow, that was really amazing, thanks. So interesting that he was mad at her for being fat, when he was fat himself.

    AND that he copped to being mad that she was both a) female and b) outspoken.

    It seems like you can't win either way on that one: if you soften your language and add a lot of "feminine" qualifiers and just the right touches of ass-kissing, you get almost wholly ignored. If you just say it straight, you provoke this weird pathological dood-rage. For a professional writer, Option A is not an option, anyway, so I guess West has no real choice in the matter except to endure and hope it makes a difference in the future. Or else find some other career.

    Good piece.

  3. That was like a breath of fresh smelling air while being trapped in a port-o-let.
    Thankyou, THANKYOU. I needed that.

  4. It was moving. Thank you for posting it, Cinzia.

    I see that this interview even inspired Sunshine Mary to write an almost decent post about the importance of online civility.

    Almost, because in that post she put herself in the "normal people" category, in opposition to Lindy West. As if normal people believed that women should not have the right to vote and wives would benefit from being raped and hit by their husbands. "Normal," indeed.

    1. Sunshine's idea of normal is indeed pretty whacked out. The new blog isn't quite as over the top-- she's not claiming to be an upper middle class woman who looks ten years younger anymore. Ah, man, those were the days. Still, it's got its moments. Listening to her talk about getting up at 5AM to put on the crockpot and fuming about some woman whose child said didn't his Mom didn't really go in for cooking... I'm like, damn, woman, if you are that mad about it, order a pizza.

      I wonder if her co-workers read her blog? If I found out one of my co-workers had a batcrap crazy blog like that I'd send links to everyone in the office. Eventually she'll start talking smack about her coworkers, esp since a lot of them are probably women who (of course) aren't as special and holy as Sunshine is. She's not going to be able to resist scratching that itch for long!

    2. "Ah, man, those were the days."


      Yeah, she's extremely self-righteous and thin-skinned, two conditions that often go together. So eager to criticize others (women), but unable to take the slightest hint of disapproval in stride. That's something most, if not all, manurespherian women (and of course men) have in common.

      Interesting question about her co-workers. I guess not.

      The parents of children she's "helping" (or supposed to be helping) are probably also unaware of her blog's existence. Too bad. They should learn that she considers her job to be just a way to earn money, and not, God forbid, a career where she'd have to improve her skills and strive for professionalism. Those kids she works with must be so lucky to have a speech pathologist / therapist whose purpose is to just show up and collect her paycheck.

      One thing to admire, though, about her and other prolific right-wing submissive blogger-wives, is their ability to stretch time (among other things, lol) to do all their wifely / motherly / domestic duties, in addition to that annoying but necessary paid job outside the house, and consistent churning up of long blog posts, followed by involved discussions with their readers, followed by participating in other people's blogs.

      It is entirely possible that we've discovered a superhuman species in these women. Either that, or... well, the alternative is just too tragicomical to contemplate -- which is why I'd encourage everyone to contemplate it. ;)


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