Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Lies the New Misogynists Tell Each Other

in my experience self identifying as a feminist correlates very strongly with liking to get choked during sex

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  1. I just asked a male friend about this and he said he'd been with several girls (over the last 15 years) who wanted to be lightly choked, though he said it wasn't common. Go figure. I can't imagine wanting this, or wanting to be hit, pretend raped or have my hair yanked.

    There must be self selecting bias in the Manosphere reporting. They are, by their own account, women haters who have extreme contempt for women. Who are the women/girls most likely to be sleeping with such men? Thriller seekers and/or women with self esteem issues, I'd suggest.

    You're totally right about self identifying as feminists. Not that many people do, apart from professional feminists (e.g. academics, writers and bloggers). I had lunch in London the other day with a dyke who runs a major IT operation and she mentioned she wasn't sure if she was a feminist or not. Makes me wonder who all the scary feminists out there actually are.


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