Saturday, November 9, 2013

Iggy Pop: A Man I Love

Yeah, something tells me Iggy has never felt insecure about his masculinity, either.


  1. Oh Iggy, you lovable walking cadaver you! Seriously, though, Iggy's awesome. On a somewhat relevant note, I remember seeing a video clip (some twentysomething years ago now) for a song called Daw Da Hiya, which featured the aforementioned artist singing a duet with an Israeli singer called Ofra Haza. According to Wikipedia, that song is about "a girl sentenced to death for becoming pregnant out of wedlock while the man responsible remains free", which sounds like something many in the Red Pill crowd would be all in favour of (seriously, why don't those guys just go move somewhere like Afghanistan or Somalia where many of their fantasies are, I'm sure, already a reality?).

    1. Thanks! I'm listening to it now:

      I loved Ofra Haza. Such a beautiful voice, such a tragic life (death).

      I love Iggy's duets with women, like "Candy."

  2. I also like this guy: (A YouTuber under the username MobPrimate)

  3. He also knows what colors suit him.


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