Thursday, October 17, 2013

20/20 Manosphere Story

In the event anyone wanders over here who hasn't already heard:  20/20 will be doing a story on the manosphere tomorrow (Friday) night.  As I commented over at manboobz, at least my friends and family will learn I haven't been making this shit up:  the New Misogynists are really A Thing.  Of course, the MRM are already complaining that Elizabeth Vargas was unethical and "hostile" in her interview with Paul Elam --  Sunshine Mary declaring it a "crucifixion", and Roosh speculating that his interview will paint him "an outlaw rapist."  Bound to be fun to watch.


  1. I'm bummed I missed it! I must have tuned in too late, and there was one of their murder mysteries instead. Ah well, I was happy to see -- in the article -- they didn't fall into the trap of false equivalence or anything like that.

    ...Oh, it seems the story didn't run as expected, according to manboobz. Postponed, I hope?

  2. Also, the parts about Anita Sarkeesian were heartbreaking.


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