Monday, September 23, 2013

Christoph Waltz Teaches You the Art of Seduction!

Austrian actor Christoph Waltz poking fun of PUA here.  Best parody of PUA since Christopher Walken's hilarious "The Continental" sketches on SNL.

All kidding aside, I am utterly infatuated with this guy...  and a little Internet research proves I am not alone

For a seriously erotic (yet still quite funny) scene, watch this.  Who knew 16th century Anabaptists were so hot?  In fact, this clip inspired me to read a history of the Muenster Rebellion, and to order the movie it's from at great expense from Germany (even though there are no subtitles and I don't speak German). 

This scene rivals the infamous "eating scene" from "Tom Jones" in its bawdy celebration of our carnal appetites.  "Bad boys" whose mischievous rogue appeal is based on wit and humor are seductive -- especially when they don't seem to take themselves too seriously. 

Oh, and just one more, a kissing scene with a very young and devastatingly pretty Waltz as Tristan.  I may have to put this on continuous loop...


  1. Lol...Tom Jones is my official all time favorite movie!

  2. Hey Cinzia, so I'm wondering what you think of the comments in these? Especially the one that speaks of previously reading manboobz before realizing it was well, just cheap shots and getting facts wrong, basically.

    1. Well I took the bait and took a peek, and what I think is: nothing of interest there. Just the usual bitter rants about slutty women and feminists who "hate" men. Boring and sad and full of self-pity.

    2. I guess it's like that for the blog post, though the guy has a self confessed genius IQ. But what about that one commenter that used to be a manboobz reader?

    3. Sorry, I don't know who that commenter is and I am not likely to be swayed by his current status as a Manboobz reader / non-Manboobz reader, If you want to engage, please form, support, and present your own opinions. And it would help if you used a handle besides "Anonymous" if you want to enter into a more extended, interactive dialogue.

  3. Since I don't feel comfortable commenting under a google account or anything giving away of identity, okay, how about from now on I just start my posts as "grasshopper?" Okay, here's the quote:

    I’m a long-time reader of Manboobz, but you’ll learn soon that it’s mainly trivialities mixed with snarky insinuations, he rarely writes anything of substance and when he does, he usually gets it wrong.

    Have a look at this piece. The authors of the study Futrelle quotes give an explanation why antisemitism didn’t persist in the Hanseatic cities: they were more open to free trade and so discrimination against outsiders like Jews had a high cost. This directly contradicts Futrelles belief that we can expect something like the gender pay gap to be caused by discrimination. Does he care? No. OK, he probably never read the study.

    The comment section under this post also is a gold mine of feminist hypocrisy. After all their whining about your piece, amusingly ShiOras later falls into disgrace because he asks another poster if she’s a lesbian.
    But when the same poster writes about her hateful feelings against men (“It’s stuff like this that really just wants to make me say I hate men.”), nobody complains. She’s even defended, for example by self-loathing male feminist “Freemage”: “Some days, some of the stuff here makes me vaguely ashamed to BE a man [...]; I can’t blame some of the women here if they feel negatively towards anyone who identifies as such while spouting this horseshit.”

    I'm not an MRA or anything; I'm actually more inclined to side with people like you, lol. I'm just morbidly fascinated and pulled towards these frankly, reactionary blogs. Though, if you do more research these manosphere blogs, along with other types of right-wing, reactionary blogs like 'race realist', 'ethno-nationalist' 'paleoconservative' they loosely form a movement they like to call the "dark enlightenment' :/

    I'm a college student, and for a while I was sort of drawn into more Christina Hoff Sommers, centre-right types of politics, perhaps as a reaction to reading too much leftist academic stuff. I'm a racial minority, and female, and after a while, I realize that I perpetually felt like a victim and was always paranoid about racism and such. I blamed this on frankly reading too much "critical theory" stuff popular in social science that I backlashed and went into more mainline 'conservatism.' Reading about the Duke Lacrosse hoax made me backlash even more. While jumping on the anti ethnic/gender/victim/identity studies bandwagon, I first went into Christina Hoff Sommers, Camille Paglia type off before accidently finding 'The Spearhead' and began a decline into the rabbit hole away from more mainstream criticism of 'leftism' and frankly into the reactionary spaces online. So, I'm reading this, and other stuff to try to heal myself and figure out just what I am, as trite as that sounds.

    Unfortunately, I've been influenced so that part of my body automatically distrusts people like you and David Futrelle and mainstream liberals because 'zomg ebil libruls so PC blah blah blah." Yet at the same time, I never completely lost the centre-left core that seems to be part of my generation, at least compared to previous generations. So, emotionally, I am inclined to find comfort and positivity in people like you, like Futrelle, like mainstream liberals and centrists and some centre-right people. But emotionally at the same time, I've grown to react to you guys, while my limbic system seems to be drawn to, and believe what reactionaries on the internet say.

    It is a pull and tug between my more mainstream side and the reactionary rhetoric imprinted in my mind and some of my emotions. But the reactionary brings so much negative energy, get I am so pulled towards it, my brain tends to believe it more than my mainstream side, maybe because we humans tend to believe the negative more easily...

  4. Thank you for your post, grasshopper. I am not familiar with the specific post you are referring her, and it sounds like something I don't have time to sit down and unpack right now (not being snarky; just that I do have a FT job). So let me show you the courtesy of a reply while admitting I am doing so on the fly.

    You will notice that this is not David Futrelle's blog, no? And although I occasionally comment on manboobz, I do not read it every day. I am certainly not a prominent or particularly well-received commentator. David's site exists to mock terrible things misogynists say for the entertainment of his like-minded community of readers. It's right there on the side bar!

    I started my own blog as a place to sort out and express my own opinions about what I read in the manosphere, and particularly my dismay as an older woman to see young men connecting to ideas that are not only virulently, blatantly misogynistic, but that indeed deny the very humanity of women, and in some cases promote violence against women. I am not condescending when I say that I believe that this internet-fueled escalation in "the war between the sexes" is far more damaging to men than it is to women.

    The fact that you "automatically distrust people like [me]... and mainstream liberals" suggests to me, critical thinking. Everyone has an agenda. That doesn't mean that all of them are "wrong," of course. I really appreciate the way you admit your "limbic system seems to be drawn to... what reactionaries say." That level of self-awareness is refreshing.

    But ultimately, this isn't stuff that requires a lot of intellectualizing to understand. Men and women are individuals who deserve to be treated as such. Gender stereotyping (in either direction) does not help us understand each other. That's why, if I could Roosh's readers anything, it would be this: Turn off the TV; disengage from the computer. And as far me, that is exactly what I doing right now.

    1. I see several typos here but oh well... Gotta run.


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