Monday, February 4, 2013

A Brutal Takedown

Here he goes again!  Roosh performs a "brutal take down on a budding feminist" who has dared to write in her school paper about the MRM in disparaging ways.  (How does Roosh find time to scour the editorial pages of small provincial college papers, anyway?)

So the "brutal take down" starts out with a bucket load of sarcastic vitriol, the gist of which seems to be a dismissal of her views on the basis that he (Roosh) is no more an MRA than he is "a merman." 

You see, Roosh is not an MRA -- oh no!  Anyone who has read his blog(s) knows that Roosh is vastly superior to the typical "passive" MRA, mostly because, about five times a year, he manages to get himself laid. How silly to conflate misogynistic MRAs with misogynistic PUAs. Shows how much those dumb "feminists" know!

"Thank you, Paige, for your opinion piece about Men’s Rights Activism. In particular, thank you for using fallacious arguments to suggest that because you don’t care for the mission and the tactics of some MRA’s, MRA’s are a farce. Thank you for demonstrating that hasty generalization, straw man, false equivalence and other lapses of logic are not limited to men alone. Thank you for demeaning what many men perceive to be an inherent violation of bodily autonomy and integrity by dismissively saying that it’s not as bad as the “very real issue” of female circumcision. Thank you for grudgingly acknowledging that some MRA’s aren’t a complete waste of time and, as self-appointed Spokeswoman for Feminism, deigning to give me permission to advocate for those things that you believe should be important to me as a man. Thank you for making it clear that it is ok for a member of one gender to tell another gender what to think. Thank you for misrepresenting feminism as a unequivocally, schism-free homogenous quest for good, unlike fractious and controversial men’s rights, and that it is acceptable to define a civil rights movement by an outsider’s perception of its basest members. Most importantly, thank you for demonstrating the self-righteous ignorance and arrogance that drives much of the anti-feminist sentiment that you observed in many of the groups you wrote about. I also would like to pre-emptively thank you for misunderstanding this comment as an attack on women and feminism in general, rather than a criticism of the vapid and condescending nonsense you somehow had the temerity to publish."

But then?  It's like the man cannot help himself.  In the end he just has to "go there," delivering his customary coup de grace by attacking the girl's physical appearance.  This time he cannot bring himself to call her "ugly," he isn't quite that delusional -- so he settles on calling her "fat."  Then tacks on a condescending remark, that she can thank him later for his advice to hit the gym.

First of all, Roosh, you realize that when you tell women they are unattractive to you, they mostly react with sighs of relief?  The last thing any girl, fat or thin or in-between, needs is to have to fend off the advances of a sociopathic loser.

Second of all, Roosh, do you even recognize what the word "fat" means, anymore?  Has every woman with half a brain and a voice that demands to be heard become "fat" by default? 

As a genuinely fat person, I am dismayed by the use of this word to describe people who are thin.  As a fat person (fat baby, fat girl, fat woman, and fat crone), I reckon I have rightful claim to that word.
You wanna know what a fat arm looks like?  I'll send you a picture.  It will give you a real frisson of disgust, and if you tell me that my upper arms resemble "bleached hams," well, I'll laughingly concur.
Readers know Roosh prefers women who have been professionally posed, made up, have long (and "big") hair, and/or photo-shopped to the nth degree, but still...  that bicep he has circled doesn't look plump, or even flabby, by any normal medical or aesthetic standard. 

In short, this girl is in no way "fat."  Au contraire, this is a girl who is very young, quite slender, and perfectly lovely to look at in every respect, by any conventional standard.  

Sorry if I seem to be beating the point to death, but if she is fat, then what am I?  Nothing? 

Never mind.  I didn't want to go there, Roosh, but you made me, you made me say this:  this young woman, purely on the basis of physical attractiveness, is so "out of your league," that it makes your whole post laughable.  Your arrows have rubber tips.  The only way a girl that looks like this would go home with you is because she was (1) poor, and (2) thought you had some money (in other words, if she weren't North American), or (3) was forcibly abducted (and please don't take that as a viable option).

I'm sorry to say this, Roosh -- but YOU MADE ME. YOU MADE ME SAY THIS!

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