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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Roosh Helps Me Keep Up

Typically, I rely on the manosphere's tweets to keep me abreast of what feminists are saying.  Seriously, they do a phenomenal job of keeping track of the feminists, not only the big up-and-coming voices, but also the most obscure.  Back before they doxed me, I don't think I'd ever had more than twenty readers at a time -- but one of them was Mattie, who apparently read everything.

Suffice to say, they take their enemies opponents verrry seriously, which is a measure of both their thirst for recognition and their paradoxical fear of being exposed.  They're always "collecting names" and compiling dossiers in the form of accusatory tweets.  But the upside of their paranoia is that they are always a good place to start whenever you want to know who's-new-in-the-zoo of young female media presences.

I'd never even heard of Elizabeth Plank, for example, until Roosh twittered, "I would not have shed a single tear had misandrist & anti-white racist been one of Rodger's victims." 

It's hard for me to imagine even lachrymose Roosh shedding a genuine tear for anyone except Roosh (in which case, I expect he can shed a bucket).  But my imagination was piqued -- who was this radical feminist that had Roosh's blood up? -- so I moseyed over and took a look.

Nothing very inflammatory about her post, unless you think it is "misandry" or "racism" to point out -- and support statistically -- that mass murderers are overwhelmingly white males with huge reservoirs of entitlement.  (In other words, the very same demographic group that composes the "manosphere.")  And that we, as a society, need to start addressing misogyny as a systemic disorder.