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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mommy Issues?

What's wrong with guys like Roosh?

More than one woman has posited "mommy issues" to explain his extreme loathing of women. 

Well, I hate to blame mothers.  They get blamed for everything that goes wrong with their kids, from autism to allergies.

There may be something to this, though:  a woman who knew Roosh in college claims that he was "suffocated" by his mother.

His mother, like many immigrant mothers (think "Tiger Moms") no doubt pushed her eldest son to perform well academically.  She wanted him to be a doctor.  Roosh had the requisite number of brain cells and the financial support to get a B.S. in microbiology from an accredited state school.  Admission to medical school proved to be a much greater challenge.  (And we can all thank the powers to be, given Roosh's demonstrated personality disorder.)

But I think the problem of Roosh, and of many of his acolytes, speaks more about Daddy issues, myself.  

In his blog, he describes a boyhood punctuated by ferocious rows between his mother and father, during which his mother would hysterically insist on being let out of the family car immediately.  It had to be traumatic for little Roosh, and humiliating too, his parents screaming in public in Farsi.  Roosh's parents divorced when he was young.  He spent little time with his father until he was an adult.  If he blames his mother for chasing his father away, he would not be the first child of divorce to do so... 

Although he seems to have carte blanche to sleep in his dad's basement nowadays (in between his EE sojourns), he cannot share his "achievements" with him, which must be frustrating on some level, because Roosh's primary motivation is his desperate need for male approval.  And that is pretty much what his unfortunate career choice is all about.

The fact is, Roosh doesn't really enjoy sex.  At the tender age of 33 he is already reporting trouble maintaining an erection or achieving climax.  He can't fuck with condoms.  He can't fuck girls who are not "white."  He complains that the vaginas of "sluts" are too loose, and that the vaginas of "good girls" are too tight.  (He's like the Goldlilocks of pussies!)  He admits that the best sex he has ever had was with women he "hated"; presumably, he didn't have to worry about impressing them.  His ignorance and disdain of female anatomy has been the topic of much hilarity on various sites.  Sex is, for Roosh, a means to achieve status among his peers.  The value of women?  Ditto.

Every night he has to prowl the bars and clubs of second tier EE cities in search of... well, something to blog about.  He appears to have no real friends or to be able to relate to either men or women in anything beyond the role of "guru" or "seducer."  He cannot function socially unless he is in control.  When not sacking out in his father's basement, he lives in cheap rented rooms, and spends almost all of his time either alone or amongst strangers.

Of course, his new blog, "Return of Kings" is for "masculine men" only.  Only a man who feels deeply insecure about his gender identity needs to describe himself as "masculine."  It's no surprise that the worst insult these guys can sling at other men is to disparage their masculinity ("beta male," "mangina," etc.).

It's probably impossible for him to conceive that most adult men aren't particularly anxious about their "masculinity."  Or that most "feminists" don't care whether he finds them physically appealing or not.

All in all, it sounds like a pretty miserable and tedious existence, a real hamster wheel, but he is prodded on by his acolytes, who believe (or would like to believe) that Roosh is The Man.  Note how quickly his followers leap to his defense or take the offense on his behalf!  Their admiration and fealty, especially in the absence of any other rewards in his life, are really all that he has got.  No wonder he courts the ire of "feminists."  Any attention from women is better than none.  And if he weren't such a hateful person, he would be an absolutely tragic figure.