Thursday, March 28, 2013

Is Roosh a Sociopath?

Roosh is now in Romania, a country I've never visited.  I've always assumed From the little I have read and seen on television, it's kind of a shit-hole a developing country with many socioeconomic challenges and seriously ugly Soviet era architecture. 

This is nothing against the people.  I've had several wonderful Romanian students in the past.  Rather, it's because Romania is still recovering from the disastrous socioeconomic policies of the Nicolae Ceaușesc regime, i.e., a large population of unwanted young people who grew up on the streets due to Ceausesc's prohibition of contraception = a high crime rate, degraded family structure, and pervasive despair.  It certainly isn't a place that would draw me as a tourist, although I might take a temporary assignment there as part of an international aid program. yet. 

But Roosh favors Eastern European countries like Romania because the people (specifically, the women) are poor and desperate.  American tourists are rare for the reasons described, and they represent opportunity (for cash or green cards).  This is Roosh's value in the eyes of young Eastern European women.  The language barrier which he occasionally complains about actually works in his favor; it's harder to evaluate a stranger's intentions or character if he does not speak your language, and people tend to forgive foreigners for social faux pas that they would not tolerate in a native.

Roosh likes Eastern European girls because, unlike American or Scandinavian women, they embody traditional "feminine" characteristics: they put effort into their sexual appeal (naturally enough, as it is their only real avenue of social mobility), they tend to be thin, they defer to men (at least in public).  And unlike American and Scandinavian women, they are not "promiscuous" (that is to say, sexually autonomous).

The problem is that the chastity that Roosh admires is an obstacle to his mission, which is to have sexual intercourse with as many nubile teenagers as he can without either opening his wallet and paying upfront, or establishing a committed relationship.  He deals with this by deceiving women, either directly or by omission.  For example, he suggests he's more interested in a serious relationship than he really is, he attempts to disguise his true identity, he doesn't hang around too long in one place.  He coolly acknowledges the occasional tears, the sense of betrayal these girls experience, yet remains emotionally detached.  He is, after all, a predator, so is only acting according to his authentic nature: "This is what I do."  

He is not disingenuous when he denies that the appalling way he exploits girls reflects any animosity toward them. In the same way, many of us are genuinely fond of animals, yet still enjoy eating cheeseburgers.

He blames global feminism and western materialism on corrupting the women he himself is trying to corrupt.  He refuses to acknowledge his own culpability in the process.  The lack of integrity, the disconnect, is mind-boggling.  He doesn't seem to be stupid.  He certainly takes his own intellectual pretensions seriously, with his regular reports on the "big ass books" he is reading (Thucydides, really?). 

And yet there is a giant blind spot in his moral consciousness that defies explanation.

To read Roosh is to enter the mind of a functioning sociopath.

In a Roosh V forum thread, a reader worries whether he himself is a sociopath. Some readers dismiss his concern, reassuring him that the fact that he asks is proof he is not. 

I dunno, if I thought I might be a sociopath, I'd be running, not walking, to a good shrink. But that's just me, your garden-variety neurotic.

Roosh, on the other hand, responds, tellingly, "Why do you feel the need to label your behavior?  Do what you want. As long as you don't get arrested, get AIDS, or cause unreasonable harm in other individuals, who gives a fuck whether you are or not."  [italics added]


  1. I'm not sure if I sent my comment so here it goes again.

    You really could stick to describing Roosh but you couldn't, could you? Very often people like you use the word racism, so I'm going to use it now. You are a racist. How dare you talk about eastern europeans like that? It wasn't enough for you to offend our countries calling them shit holes, no, you had to offend all eastern europeans and mostly women saying that they are not "sexually autonomous" and that all of us are looking for misguided americans(who would go to a shit whole?) as if they are Gods who could save us from our shit holes, which we actually call home and care about, in exchange for sexual favors, since we all are prostitutes. Our societies were patriarchal and women's only real avenue of social mobility was their sexual appeal. Do you even know what communism was? It had awful consequences but it also made women and men a little bit more equal. Do you know that almost all women work even after they give birth, and this is not only because our salaries are small, but even if this was the sole reason, we still are much more independеnt than some western european women, who never return to work. In our poor countries men's and women's incomes are not that different.
    Do you know how women and eastern europeans are treated in some german universities? I do know from several classmates(we all want to leave our shits holes) who immigrated to Germany. I don't know how during my 12 years in school and another 6 in university in my shit hole I haven't seen a discriminated woman. I know this happens everywhere in the world, but what I'm talking about is open discrimination in case you haven't figured that out.
    I'm sure that in you head we are some savages with primitive cultures but actually we aren't and I know that your narrow mind can't really comprehend that. What makes it worse is that you, ignorant woman, dare to talk against people you haven't met in countries you haven't even been to. As far as I know feminists are obsessed with equal treatment of all people and you don't like cliches even if they are true, in the same time you generalize about all eastern europeans using cliches. You are a hypocrite and, yes, I'll use that word again no matter what your race is, a racist.
    You wrote this all because of what some delusional man says about us, not to mention that as far as I know poor desperate(who actually can immigrate on their own if they want and US is not the only country so they don't think of your shitty green cards as if they are gold, not to mention that the we tourist are not rare at all) romanian prostitutes(your word for ee women) think of him as a joke.
    Many people in Europe think that americans are stupid and I really can see why.
    I hope that despite my english(not first since I'm ee desperate savage prostitute) your narrow, hypocritical, racist mind will understand what I wrote.

  2. It pains me to realize how I have offended you. You have given me something to think about. I was raised in the Cold War era, and I am sure I still harbor a lot of the prejudice that was inculcated in me during my youth. As I wrote, some of my favorite (bright, hardworking) students have been Romanians. But the fact remains that EE countries are promoted as prime destinations for American sex tourists, and the reason is rooted in economic inequality. My horror and disgust is toward Americans like Roosh, not the Romanian women who are his victims.

    I don't know if you will see this. I am late responding because, as you may note, I no longer maintain this blog much.

  3. Is Roosh a sociopath?
    Short answer: Yes
    Long answer: YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    Is there any worse than him on the PUA/manosphere blogs? Chateau Heartise gives him a run for the title. I think CH is even more racist. And I hate to take it there (but I will anyway) they are also ugly (Roosh wins this one).


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