Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lost in Motion II

One of my bitter resentments as a child was that my parents refused to let me study ballet. They claimed my mesomorphic body type made me a poor candidate for classical ballet, and that it was an impractical and cruel vocation, anyway.  I had to content myself with spending hours practicing my jetes on my (folded under) toes on the cold basement floor, imagining I was Margot Fonteyn in "The Fire Bird."
Fifty years later, this clip awakens my inner dancer. The dancer is Heather Ogden. The music is Leonard Cohen.  The cinematography is sublime.


  1. I find figure skating slightly more entertaining to watch, though ballet seems to have a sense of refinement even the best figure skaters don't have (for example, Yuna Kim's arabesque can't compare with this!) though I'm no expert by any means, LOL

  2. Gorgeous.

    If you are not already watching "So You Think You Can Dance" on Fox (yeah, but), you should start ASAP. You'll love it, I promise.


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